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Wee Zhi Ming (Ahmad Ibrahim #7) goes up for two against North Vista. (Photo 1 © Chong Ng/Red Sports)


Singapore Basketball Centre, Friday, July 20, 2012 — Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary beat Yishun Secondary 47-29, to finish second in Group A and qualify for the semi-finals of the North Zone C Division Basketball Championship.

Ahmad Ibrahim took the lead right from the start, with their top scorer, Wong Chee Kian (#15) leading the way. Chee Kian scored more than half the points his team earned in the first quarter.

For most of the game, Ahmad Ibrahim played a tight defense, such that it was difficult for the Yishun players to break away from their defenders to make a clear shot. Ahmad Ibrahim were also able to get to the basket unhindered by Yishun, which meant that there was little pressure on their players.

Yishun were also unable to get past Ahmad Ibrahim’s defenses. They usually made wild and inaccurate shots when pressured by the Ahmad Ibrahim defenders. Ahmad Ibrahim also won most of the defensive rebounds to deny Yishun any second chances.

“Although we started off badly, we were able to chase back and get better,” said Chee Kian of Ahmad Ibrahim. “I thought that our team-work and the free throws we scored were good.”

“Something we need to work on would be our passing,” he added. “We had a lot of turnovers.”

Chee Kian expressed his team’s hopes for making it into the top two of the North Zone Championship, and the top four for the National Championship.

Ahmad Ibrahim will take on Presbyterian High in the semi-finals while North Vista Secondary play Christ Church Secondary in the other. Both games are on Monday, July 23rd, at the Singapore Basketball Centre. Tip off is at 2.30pm.

Score by Quarter
Ahmad Ibrahim vs Yishun
1st Q: 16-4
2nd Q: 10-6 (26-10)
3rd Q: 3-6 (29-16)
4th Q: 18-13
Final Score: 47-29

Top Scorers
Ahmad Ibrahim
Wong Chee Kian (#15) — 19 points
Lakksman Ganapathy (#13) — 12 points
Choo Yi Zhao (#9) – 10 points

Ong Zi Yuan (#11) – 16 points
Eden Oh Jun Yang (#13) — 12 points
Low Shao Wei (#9) – 10 points

Ahmad Ibrahim Roster
Wayne Ng Joon Heng (#4), Benedict Oh Sheng Yang (#5), Daeson Tang Zhi Yi (#6), Wee Zhi Ming (#7), Dylan Chia Wei Wen (#8), Choo Yi Zhao (#9), Javier Chew Jun Hao (#10), Eugene Koh Lian Qun (#11), Soh Ming Wee (#12), Lakksman A/L Ganapathy (#13), Lau Beng Yew (#14), Wong Chee Kian (#15)

Yishun Roster
Ong Zheng Khai (#4), Gan Hong Jie (#5), Thasvin Sasi (#6), Zhou Qun Shun (#7), Levin Yeo Si Qi (#8), Dion Low Shao Wei (#9), Desmond Ng Chow Sheng (#10), Ong Zi Yuan (#11), Leon Lee Yitai (#12), Eden Oh Jun Yang (#13), Benjamin Cheong Wee Chen (#14), Woo Kee Joon (#15)

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