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Muad’z (Chong Pang B #9, black) executes a spike while Zahrin (Chong Pang C #9, blue) blocks. (Photo 1 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

Bedok North Street 2, Saturday, June 30, 2012 — “My brother taught me how to juggle,” said Muad’z Bin Mohd Rashid, 14.

Muad’z had just captained his side, Chong Pang CSC B, to a 2-1 (15-13, 13-15, 15-12) win over their C team in the Community Games sepak takraw junior tournament.

“I started playing sepak takraw when I was 10 years old. My brother, who is four years older, introduced the game to me. I grew up playing sepak takraw on the open court near my block, Block 166, Yishun Avenue 7,” said Muad’z.

Muad’z also represented Yishun Secondary in the C Division.

“We finished third in the zonals but were knocked out in the first round of nationals,” recalled Muad’z.

“I joined Chong Pang CSC in 2011 when coach Shamsul spotted me. He’s taught me to be confident in every game,” said Muad’z, who plays sepak takraw and no other sport.

“I like to jump high and strike the ball,” said Muad’z, when asked why he liked to play sepak takraw.

“Playing in the Community Games has helped me to learn more than just playing for school. Also, at Chong Pang CSC, we can choose anyone you like and are comfortable with to play with,” added Muad’z.

Chong Pang CSC B Lineup
Azzimi B Azaman (#10), Muad’z B Mohd Rashid (#9), Wan Razaly B Abd Rahim (#8), Muhd Ridhwan B Jumadi (#7)

Chong Pang CSC C Lineup
Khairul Arif B Hambali (#11), Mohd Zulfaqah Helmi B Hamzah (#7), Mohd Iqbal B Jantan (#10), Muhd Zahrin B Zahhid (#9)


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