Break the silence of bullying


At Red Sports, we believe in the potential of our youths.

One such youth is Shaun Neo who joined us as a volunteer a few years ago.

Shaun and some of his friends have organised themselves into a group known as Higher Productions. They want to inspire young people to break out of the silence of and make a concerted stand against bullying.

Bullying is prevalent in Singapore. In a study done by the Singapore Children’s Society in 2008, bullying was common among students in primary and secondary schools here in Singapore. Of the 519 students who took part in the study, 129 claimed that they have been bullied. That’s 1 in 4 secondary school students, and 1 in 5 primary school students.

Many different types of bullying exist but its impact is the same. It hurts.

Have you been bullied before? Have you witnessed others being bullied?

Come this July, Shaun and his friends want to inspire YOU to Break out of the Silence and stand against bullying.

Higher Productions is organising a public musical parade along the streets of Singapore to make a stand for the cause.

There will be an evening of great music and company. More importantly, an evening where youth will say ‘Never again will we bow down to bullying!’.

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