“If I can complete 42.195km, I can do anything in my life” — Zainap Osman of Kolam Ayer CSC

Kolam Ayer’s Zainap Osman watches on as her opponent waits for a pass. (Photo 1 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

Zainap Osman, 41, turned out for Kolam Ayer CSC in the Community Games netball competition where her team finished first in the Moulmein-Kallang Cluster after registering two wins out of two. They beat Kampong Glam CSC 10-1 and Moulmein CSC 7-3.

When she is not busy with her work as an occupation editor, the energetic Zainap is running or playing a sport. We catch up with her to find out more about what makes her tick.

Red Sports: How did you get involved with the Community Games? Who got you to play?
Zainap: I am part of the volunteer CSC group, where I am a member. Throughout my 10 years of volunteering with Kolam Ayer CC, I have been actively involved in sports activities. Being a member of the CSC, I knew of the games and I was roped in to join in the games as well. I am taking part in badminton, netball and basketball.

Red Sports: What do you enjoy about the Community Games?
Zainap: I enjoy getting to know other people, as well as the chance in trying out games which I have never had the opportunity to try, for example table tennis, netball, badminton. The joy of trying out the games and simply trying your best, is my main reason for participating. Of course, winning the cluster is a major motivation factor.

Red Sports: What sports did you play or take part in when you were in school?
Zainap: I am what you would call an individualist, I much prefer individual sports rather than team, perhaps it is because I value my time. Being a prefect, librarian and an the editorial committee in school, my time is quite tight, hence I will work out whenever I have the time.

With team sports, I can’t do these things. Hence to marry off these two, I chose individual sports. The only team sports I played in school as well as in my early working years was hockey, where I played for some local clubs and participated in the 6-aside hockey tournament. It was fun!! The individual sports that I took part in during my school days were running and canoeing where I took part in the school championships.

Red Sports: What sports do you play or take part in now?
Zainap: Running in local sports events, in particular the full marathon. In fact I took part in the Sundown Marathon, my second marathon. The first was terrible and I wanted to do better. I take part in running because it allows me to train anywhere, anytime. (Although looking at the weather, it is really crazy to be training in the early hours of the afternoon.)

I enjoy the breeze, getting to meet other people like me, and best of all, at the end of the finishing line when you have people you don’t know cheering and spurring you on!

My other sports activities also includes gym classes such as pilates and body combat. I enjoy sports that pushes you to the limit and gets me to handle the tough lessons in life!

Other than that, I take part in community sports activities such as the upcoming paddle dragon boat championship, softball training and others. I practiced for the DBS Regatta but did not take part.

Red Sports: What is it about sport you like?
Zainap: I have always enjoyed sports. None of my siblings do what I do. Last year, when I went to Kota Kinabalu with a group of friends to participate in the Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon, dubbed ‘The World’s Toughest Mountain Race’, many ask me why I do what I do. It is very hard to explain it.

I guess you only know if you have done it. Every year, after doing a full marathon with blisters on my feet, I swear and complain that I will not sign up, but the next year comes, and I will sign up again. I just don’t know how to explain it.

For example the GE Women’s 10K, I have been doing it since the first time when they started it. Similarly, with the Shape Run. While other people may complain about the registration and all, I just sign up when I know about it. For people like me, I guess, I will never stop until the day I can’t run anymore.

Sports to me is not just about exercising, it is about my lifestyle, how I manage my life’s priorities, what is important to me. As far as I am concerned, if I can complete 42.195km, I can do anything in my life.

Enthusiastic supporters of Kolam Ayer cheer and celebrate after the team scores a goal. (Photo 2 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

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