A Div Football (Girls): Victoria JC beat Milliennia Institute 4-2 on penalties to finish third

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By Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports with additional information from Anil

Chris Yip-Au (VJC #10) takes a shot at goal. (Photo 1 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

Jalan Besar Stadium, Tuesday, May 8, 2012 — Victoria Junior College (VJC) edged out Millennia Institute (MI) 4-2 in a penalty shootout to finish third at the A Division Girls’ Football Championship.

MI were two goals up within the first 15 minutes before VJC managed to equalise before the end of the first half. VJC then took the lead early in the second half and were on track to win, with captain Chris Yip-Au Hew Seem (VJC #10) having scored one goal and provided assists in the other two goals.

However, sloppy defending in injury-time allowed MI to score the equaliser to force extra time. Both teams were unable to break the deadlock in extra time and the game went into a penalty shootout.

VJC goalkeeper Joey Tho (#9) pulled off two saves in the penalty shootout to ensure VJC hold the advantage. Chan Yi Jun (VJC #14) slotted in her penalty to give VJC a 4-2 victory over MI.

Defending champions VJC did not concede a single goal in the group stages while MI were unbeaten in regulation time during the entire competition. With 66 goals scored between the two teams before this game, it should have been them in the final. However, unfortunate results in the semi-finals meant that they had to contend for the 3rd/4th placing match.

Up to this stage, VJC had the better record. Led by captain Chris Yip-Au (#10), they had amassed 46 goals in the group stages.

VJC got the earliest of chances to attack when in the 4th minute, captain Chris Yip-Au (#10) was knocked down by Nazartul Shehnaz (MI #7). VJC were awarded a free kick but Chris subsequently sent the ball over the goalpost.

In the 10th minute, MI took the lead when sole striker Serena Bok (#10) managed to scramble the ball into the goal as VJC failed to clear their lines from a corner kick. VJC attempted a quick counter-attack but saw their effort saved by the MI goalkeeper.

A minute later, MJC were awarded a penalty after a foul in the VJC penalty box. MI captain Eunice Ong (#8) calmly converted the shot to give her team a 2-0 lead.

With MI two goals up, they turned their attention to defending to prevent VJC from scoring. Chris (VJC #10) had several opportunities at goal but unfortunately sent her shots off target. In the 17th minute, VJC had a chance at goal when Samantha Tan (VJC #4) crossed from the right flank only to see the ball miss Chris (VJC #10). However, it came into the path of Rachel Kan (VJC #7) who slid in to take a shot. Unfortunately, the ball went wide for VJC.

In the 19th minute, VJC were awarded a corner which MI goalkeeper Nadzirah (#1) failed to clear. The MI defense managed to clear the ball but sent it into the path of Genevieve Lee (VJC #13) just outside the goalkeeper’s box. In the mad scramble, Genevieve saw her attempt deflected safely away.

VJC finally found their way onto the scoresheet when Chris Yip-Au (#10) scored in the 28th minute, bringing her total goals scored for the competition to 19. She received a pass just outside the penalty box and fired a long shot that ended in the top corner of the goal.

With just five minutes left in the first half, VJC managed to score the equaliser. VJC made a long shot that was pushed onto the crossbar by the MI goalkeeper only for the rebound to be tapped in from close range by Samantha Tan (VJC #4).

VJC increased their attacks in the final few minutes but ended the half 2-2.

Four minutes in the second half, VJC took the lead through a goal from Chan Yi Jun (VJC #14). MI failed to clear their lines from a corner for Yi Jun (VJC #14) to send the ball into goal.

MI’s goalkeeper was tested on several occasions but managed to stop VJC’s attacks. As the clock ticked down to the final few minutes, the VJC defense let through a couple of MI attacks which fortunately were off target for VJC. However, MI’s hopes were lifted once again when substitute Norellynawathi (#20) scored the equaliser from a deflected cross with just seconds left on the clock.

Both teams were unable to break the deadlock in extra-time despite having several good chances.

In the penalty shootout, Chris (VJC #10) calmly slotted in her penalty for VJC to go one up. Next, Nazartul (MI #7) saw her shot saved by VJC goalkeeper Joey Tho (#9).

Both VJC and MI players converted their next shots but Nurhidayah (MI #5) saw her shot saved on MI’s third attempt for VJC to lead 3-1. Joey (VJC #9) was then called upon to take the shot but saw her shot saved.

MI kept their hopes alive when Sarah Chu (MI #12) converted her penalty. Chan Yi Jun (VJC #14) lined up for VJC’s fifth shot and sealed victory for the team when she too scored from the spot.

Final Result
VJC 7 MJC 5 (3-3 after extra time)

Serena Bok (MI #10) – 10″
Eunice Ong (MI #8) – 12″ (pen)
Chris Yip-Au (VJC #10) – 28″
Samantha Tan (VJC #4) – 31″
Chan Yi Jun (VJC #14) – 39″
Norellynawathi (MI #20) – 70+3″

Penalty Shootout
Chris Yip-Au (#10) – scored
Shannen Lee (#11) – scored
Samantha Tan (#4) – scored
Joey Tho (#9) – saved
Chan Yi Jun (#14) – scored

Nazartul Shehnaz (#7) – saved
Norellynawathi (#20) – scored
Nurhidayah (#5) – saved
Sarah Chu (#12) – scored

VJC Team Roster
Samantha Tan Hui Min (#4), Ji Mengdi (#5), Kan Pei Lin Rachel (#7), Farisha Ishak (#8), Tho Bei Yi Joey (#9, GK), Yip-Au Hew Seem Chris (#10, Captain), Shannen Lee (#11), Genevieve Lee Min (#13), Chan Yi Jun (#14), Jennifer Zoontjens (#17), Chaudhari Anisha (#19)

Reserves: Diana Basil Heng Li Jiao (#1), Valerie Goh Shi Rui (#2), Lam Yiyin (#3), Anisa Suhaila Ab Razak (#6), Mark Jin Rong (#12), Ng Xin Wei Jolene (#15), Rachel Ram Chandra (#16), Vithika Nag (#18), Ong Sue Cern (#20)

MI Team Roster
Nadzirah Bte Eunos (#1, GK), Asqiha Bte Abdul Wahab (#3), Nurhidayah Bte Tamam (#5), Nazartul Shehnaz Bte M R (#7), Eunice Ong Zu Xian (#8, Captain), Nicolette Sankaran (#9), Serena Bok Keh Le (#10), Sarah Chu Mun (#12), Oh Yun Yi Shiela (#14), Siti Wan Nabilah Bte Razali (#15), Goh Xin Yi Ondrea (#16)

Reserves: Wang Yongyi (#2), Nur Fithri Bte Mohd Rizal (#4), Sophia Zheng Yuanhui (#6), Claudia Kweh Ren Ting (#11), Shreedhya d/o Sajeev D Kurup (#13), Azuratasha Bte Azhar (#17), Dulcie Jean-Rae Carmel Hamilt (#18), Nurul Aquilah Bte Aris (#19), Norellynawathi Bte Hamdan (#20)


MI celebrate after Serena Bok (#8) scores the first goal of the match. (Photo 2 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

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