A Div Vball (Girls): Anglo-Chinese JC defeat HCI in 3rd/4th placing match



Zhi Ting (ACJC #8) blocks as Jaime (HCI #7) spikes. (Photo 1 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

PESEB, Friday, May 4, 2012 — Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) defeated Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) 3-1 (25-10, 12-25, 25-16, 25-21) to finish third in the A Division Girls’ Volleyball Championship.

In their last meeting in Round Two, ACJC cruised to a 2-0 (25-12, 25-18) victory over HCI. However, ACJC were beaten by Victoria JC in the semi-finals while HCI were beaten by defending champions Nanyang JC. This time round, HCI recalled the services of Eleanor Chua (#17) to play for the team. Up till the semi-finals, she had not featured for the team but her presence made a distinctive impact.

Eleanor emerged the top scorer for HCI with 22 points scored from 22 kills. ACJC’s Ryshire (#2) was the match top scorer with 25 points scored from 18 kills, 6 blocks and 1 service ace. ACJC scored a combined total of 53 points from 35 kills, 12 blocks and 6 service aces while HCI scored 51 points from 31 kills, 6 blocks and 6 service aces. The teams were relatively even but it was HCI’s 29 hit errors opposed to ACJC’s 12 errors which ultimately made the difference.

In the first set, ACJC established their dominance as they managed to keep a clear sheet by not committing any hit errors. Timeouts by HCI at the 8-3 and 14-5 mark could not stop ACJC’s attacks as HCI had trouble in their defense.

Things were very much different in the second set as HCI turned things around. Eleanor (HCI #17) appeared to have settled in well and was on fire as she scored a massive 13 kills in the set. HCI were leading 22-10 before ACJC called a timeout but it could not stop HCI’s advance. HCI took the final point when Eleanor (HCI #17) swiped off the ACJC block to win the set 25-12.

It was a closer encounter in the third set as both teams kept pace with each other at the start. ACJC managed to pull a quick one over HCI and were soon leading 16-9. However, ACJC encountered a sudden drop in form to allow HCI to catch up. Before HCI could stage an upset, ACJC regained their form and pulled ahead once again to take the set.

The fourth set continued to be a close one as both teams were neck and neck. HCI took the early lead, holding on until the 13-8 mark for ACJC to call a timeout. ACJC began their comeback and were soon trailing by only one point for HCI to call a timeout of their own. However, they could not stop ACJC’s advances and the score was tied 13-13 after Lenis (HCI #13) spiked out of bounds.

Ryshire (ACJC #2) then took the lead for ACJC with a spike down the line. ACJC pulled ahead but with Eleanor (HCI #17) rotated back into HCI’s front row, HCI quickly narrowed ACJC’s lead and were soon trailing 18-19. ACJC held on to their lead and managed to pull ahead to lead 23-20.

Lenis (HCI #13) prevented ACJC from taking set point after powering a spike from the outside which ACJC could not return. However, Jia Le subsequently took set point after a spike from the centre.

Jia Hui (ACJC #17) then lined up for her serve and sent it to the right corner. An unfortunate miscommunication between two HCI players saw no one receive, gifting the final point and the win to ACJC.

Final Score
25-10, 12-25, 25-16, 25-21

Anglo-Chinese JC vs Hwa Chong Institution - Match Statistics

 Points scored (Total)KillsHit ErrorsBlocksBlock ErrorsService AceService FaultDefensive ErrorsUnforced Errors
ACJC Team Totals53351212464194
Ryshire (#2)25186601240
Jia Le (#14)1272302030
Jiayu (#3)751210000
Jia Hui (#17)530101140
Eleanor (#7)202002111
Zhi Ting (#8)111030011
Hui Tien (#1, Libero)11N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A50
Hwa Chong Team Totals5139296965155
Eleanor (#17)22224020200
Lenis (#13)10815131110
Jaime (#7)957331010
Yi Peng (#1)641210111
Maureen (#8)100001122
Chu Ning (#4)301003040
Charissa (#3)001000000
Vanessa (#5, Libero)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A30

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