C Div 3000m: Keith Yong of Sports School wins gold; Dylan Tan of HCI wins silver by 0.29


53rd national schools track and field championship

Keith Yong (extreme right) of Sports School leading the pack. He eventually finished 1st in 10:20.04. Dylan Tan (with sunglasses) of HCI was 2nd in 10:21.27 while Elisha Goh (behind Keith) of RI was 3rd in 10:21.56. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)

Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Thursday, April 5, 2012 — Keith Yong of Singapore Sports School finished the C Division 3000m final first in a time of 10 minutes 20.04 seconds at the 53rd National Schools Track and Field Championships.

The Championship record is 9:41.35 and was set by Muthukumar, then of St Patrick’s School, in 1999.

Dylan Tan of Hwa Chong Institution was second in 10:21.27 while Elisha Goh of Raffles Institution was third in 10:21.56.

Keith and Dylan headed into the final lap neck and neck with the two RI runners, Elisha Goh and Tan Chong Qi, just behind them. Luqmanul Hakim of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary trailed in fifth in the lead pack.

Tan Chong Qi gunned for the lead on the outside with 300m left but Keith and Dylan held him off and stepped up a gear. With 200m left, Keith and Dylan pulled further ahead and in the meantime, Luqmanul and Elisha dropped Chong Qi into fifth.

With a 100m left, Keith was uncatchable and the battle was now on between Dylan and Elisha for second place as Luqmanul could not keep up with the pair. Dylan eventually edged Elisha out by 0.29 to grab second place.

1st Keith Yong Sheng Wei (Singapore Sports School) — 10:20.04
2nd Dylan Tan Yong Jin (Hwa Chong Institution) — 10:21.27
3rd Elisha Goh Si Yuan (Raffles Institution) — 10:21.56
4th Luqmanul Hakim B Othman (Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary) — 10:23.80
5th Tan Chong Qi (Raffles Institution) — 10:25.23
6th Teng Jian Ling (Commonwealth Secondary) — 10:39.79
7th Lee Zhong Kian, Chester (Catholic High) — 10:41.19
8th Isaiah Boh Yu-Teng (Catholic High) — 10:55.89
9th Brandon Tan Zhiying (Victoria School) — 10:59.37
10th Shamus Lim (Hwa Chong Institution) — 11:00.39
11th Chia Zhi Hong (Nan Hua High) — 11:06.07
12th Gerald Low Rui Kang (Commonwealth Secondary) — 11:07.37
13th Amos Choo Zhi Xuan (North Vista Secondary) — 11:08.07
14th Lim Wan Hao Mark Llewellyn (Catholic High) — 11:08.35
15th Staes-Polet Robin (Victoria School) — 11:15.46
16th Hu Hua Xin (Hwa Chong Institution) — 11:33.17

Video © SAA. Used with permission.

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