B Div Swimming: Quah Zheng Wen of ACS (Independent) continues record breaking ways


Singapore Sports School, Tuesday, April 24, 2012 — Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)’s Quah Zheng Wen continued his record-breaking ways with a sub-2 min timing for his B Division Boys 200m Butterfly final win.

In a race that was more against the clock than his opponents, he managed a near-personal best time of 1:59.08, smashing his own inter-school meet record of 2:05.44 from the previous year. Yet, his time was still some way off Joseph Schooling’s national record of 1:56.67 achieved at the 2011 South East Asia Games. Zheng Wen’s personal best is 1:59.01.

Nevertheless, he continued his winning ways in the B Division Boys 100m backstroke event with a record time of 56.63 seconds. To put his swim in perspective, the 16 year-old’s splendid timing in this event broke the national record of 56.73 seconds set by Rainer Ng at the 2009 SEA Games.

Zheng Wen also returned to the pool for his fourth final race when he started off the backstroke leg for his school in the B division 4x50m medley relay final. Anglo Chinese School (Independent)’s quartet of Zheng Wen, Merrick Tan, Jerryl Yong and Wang Yi won that race in 1:47.71 to cap off a fine competition run for the school. It retained the B division boys title with 188 points. Singapore Sports School came in second with 170 points and Raffles Institution came in third with 50 points.

ACS (Independent)’s Wong Fu Kang had earlier set a new record in the C division 200m Individual Medley final with a time 2:15.80 to lead his school to the overall C boys title. He was also part of the school’s 4x50m freestyle relay team together with Darrian Chee, Dylan Koo and Kevin Ong that set a new record with a 1:42.04 win.

B Boys 200m butterfly final results
1. Quah Zheng Wen, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 1:59.08 (Championship record)
2. Jerryl Yong, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 2:07.67
3. Tan Gin Yu, Singapore Sports School 2:08.85
4. Lee Yong Jia, Singapore Sports School 2:12.18
5. Tan Jun Jin Dylan, Singapore Sports School 2:13.22
6. Chong Wei Siang Bryan, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 2:21.36
7. Koh Quan Ren Barry, Raffles Institution 2:22.22
8. Ler Shuen Long Justin, Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) 2:27.68

B Boys 100m backstroke final results
1. Quah Zheng Wen, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 56.63 (National record)
2. Tan Zhi Hao Jeremy, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 1:00.42
3. Low Wei Yang Malcolm, Singapore Sports School 1:01.45
4. Jiang Rui Zhe, Singapore Sports School 1:02.58
5. Chua Deng Xiang Gerald, St Joseph’s Institution 1:03.32
6. Lo Ching, Catholic High School 1:03.96
7. Foo Wen Hao Bryan, Singapore Sports School 1:05.04
8. Koh Tze En Joshua, Raffles Institution 1:05.24

C Boys 200m Individual Medley final results
1. Wong Fu Kang, Anglo Chinese School Independent 2:15.80 (Championship record)
2. Tjut Bryan, Anglo Chinese School Independent 2:19.46
3. Tan Wee Jin Garret, Raffles Institution 2:19.98
4. Wee Wei Hao Ryan, Singapore Sports School 2:21.20
5. Lee Chun Hui Alexander, Anglo Chinese School Independent 2:23.91
6. Chan Hua Sun Jordan, Anglo Chinese School Barker 2:31.87
7. Low Zi Xuan Bryant, Anglo Chinese School Independent 2:35.19
8. Tan Wei Zhen Ashley James, Anglo Chinese School Independent 2:36.39

C Boys 4x50m freestyle relay final results
1. Anglo Chinese Sch Independent 1:42.04 (Championship record)
2. Raffles Institution 1:43.07
3. Singapore Sports School 1:46.44
4. Catholic High School 1:50.33
5. Anglo Chinese School Barker 1:51.56
6. Outram Sec School 2:03.15
7. Maris Stella High School 2:06.59

B Boys 4x50m freestyle relay final results
1. Singapore Sports School 1:37.40
2. Anglo Chinese Sch Independent 1:37.83
3. Raffles Institution 1:40.10
4. St Joseph’s Institution 1:46.58
5. Outram Sec School 1:46.88
6. Catholic High School 1:48.79
7. St Andrew’s Sec 1:54.43
8. Maris Stella High School 2:00.66

C Boys 4x50m medley relay final results
1. Anglo Chinese Sch Independent 1:52.49
2. Raffles Institution 1:53.56
3. Singapore Sports School 2:01.95
4. Catholic High School 2:04.62
5. Anglo Chinese School Barker 2:05.01
6. Maris Stella High School 2:20.76

B Boys 4x50m medley relay final results
1. Anglo Chinese Sch Independent 1:47.71
2. Singapore Sports School 1:49.95
3. Raffles Institution 1:53.11
4. St Joseph’s Institution 1:59.37
5. Anglo Chinese School Barker 2:01.08
6. Catholic High School 2:01.31
7. St Andrew’s Sec 2:09.36
8. Maris Stella High School 2:12.86

B Boys Overall Results
1st – Anglo Chinese School Independent (188 points)
2nd – Singapore Sports School (170 points)
3rd – Raffles Institution (50 points)
4th – Catholic High School (25 points)
5th – St Joseph’s Institution (21 points)

C Boys Overall Results
1st – Anglo Chinese School Independent (172 points)
2nd – Raffles Institution (141 points)
3rd – Singapore Sports School (72 points)
4th – Anglo Chinese School Barker (38 points)
5th – Catholic High School (26 points)

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