North Zone B Div Bball: Yishun survive last-quarter scare to beat Seng Kang 75-68 for 3rd


By REDintern Joseph Lee

North zone b division basketball

The Yishun #6 squeezing in between the Seng Kang #5 and #6 after splitting the defence apart. (Photo 1 © Joseph Lee/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Monday, March 5, 2012 — Yishun Secondary held off a Seng Kang Secondary rally in the final quarter to win 75-68 and clinch third place in the North Zone B Division Boys’ Basketball Championship.

The game looked to be a close one in the first quarter with both teams committing turnovers easily while still trying to get the hang of the game. Both teams exchanged the lead quite a few times and the quarter ended with Yishun just slightly ahead at 20-19.

The second quarter was one for Yishun fans to cheer as they managed to get hold of a firm lead. Yishun were firing on all cylinders after easily breaking Seng Kang’s full court press to make open shots in their opponent’s half. Yishun ended the first half with a healthy 11-point, 43-32 lead.

Seng Kang came back out after the half time break with enough confidence to slowly but surely close the gap as they outscored Yishun 16-14 and reduce the deficit to nine points (48-57).

This set the stage for an exciting final 10 minutes. Seng Kang came out charging and closed to within three points of Yishun with less than 5 minutes left on the clock. But that was the closest they could get.

Yishun held them off in the final moments of the game by closing them down with a full court press and scoring to pull further ahead to secure the win.

The Seng Kang #11 made a notable effort with 21 points, 11 of them coming from the free throw line.

The Yishun #13 went on a shooting spree to score a game-high 27 point during the game.

In the girls’ 3rd/4th placing match, Deyi Secondary clinched a 42-41 win after a tight game which went down to the dying moments.

Quarter by Quarter Scores
Yishun vs Seng Kang
1st Q: 20-19
2nd Q: 23-13 (43-32)
3rd Q: 14-16 (57-48)
4th Q: 18-19 (75-68)

Quarter by Quarter Scores
Deyi vs Woodgrove
1st Q: 16-7
2nd Q: 11-10 (27-17)
3rd Q: 6-12 (33-29)
4th Q: 9-12 (42-41)

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