B Div Vball (Girls): Defending champs Jurong hold off Dunman to win opener



Vanessa (Jurong #5) attempts to send the ball over as Celine (Dunman #9) blocks. (Photo 1 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

Presbyterian High School, Friday, February 24, 2012 — Defending champions Jurong Secondary started off their title defense on a good note as they held off a resilient Dunman Secondary 2-0 (25-19, 25-23) in their opening match of the National B Division Girls’ Volleyball Championship.

Jurong, who finished second in the West Zone Championship, had come into the match expecting a tough duel against reigning East Zone champions Dunman Secondary. Indeed, Dunman had a solid defense in the first set which prevented Jurong from scoring many points. However, Dunman subsequently found it hard to score against Jurong and committed many errors in the process to ultimately give the latter the win in their Group A match.

Jurong finished the match with 31 points scored from 20 kills, four blocks and seven service aces while Dunman had 17 points from 12 kills, three blocks and two service aces. Dunman’s 15 hit errors probably gave Jurong a much needed advantage in the match, but the later were also guilty of committing faults with their seven service errors nullifying their seven service aces scored.

From the start, it seemed like Dunman would be the one in control as they established a 9-3 lead over Jurong. During the warmup session, they had already shown their potential to dominate with their menacing spikes. However, Jurong quickly reorganised themselves and came within one point after a service ace from Julian (Jurong #11).

The score was then tied 9-9 after a spike by Vanessa (Jurong #5).

Dunman managed to break Jurong’s scoring streak and pulled ahead to lead 16-11, but again they had to contend with Jurong coming right back into the game.

With the score eventually tied 17-17, Dunman saw the tables turned against them as Jurong went one up after Vinnie (Dunman #1) sent her spike into the net.

Jurong further extended their lead, but with top scorer Qiuluan (Jurong #13) subsequently rotated into the back row, it seemed as if Dunman, who were trailing by two points, would quickly bring themselves back into the game.

However, Dunman were unable to make a comeback after a service ace by Jurong and two consecutive spiking errors by Dunman saw Jurong leading 24-19. Vanessa (Jurong #5) promptly sealed the set for her team as she sent her spike to the court boundary to take the last point.

Jurong continued their momentum in the second set as they ran off to a 7-3 lead.

This time round, it was Dunman who were having to play catchup as they leveled the score 8-8 only for Jurong to pull ahead to lead 15-12 again.

Eventually, the teams were tied at the 19-19 mark after Faith (Dunman #7) forced a touch-out from Aijia’s (Jurong #4) block. Celine (Dunman #9) then took the lead for Dunman after successfully blocking a spike by Aijia (Jurong #4).

Both teams continued to be neck and neck with the score tied 22-22. Jurong managed to pull a fast one and took themselves to match point but Celine (Dunman #9) held off Jurong’s win after blocking a spike by Qiuluan (Jurong #13).

As both teams fought hard to win the next crucial point, it was Jurong who prevailed in the end as Qiuluan (Jurong #13) scored the decider with a spike from the centre.

Final score
Jurong 2 Dunman 0
25-19, 25-23

In the other Group A match, North Zone third runner-up Sembawang Secondary scored a surprise win over Fairfield Methodist with a 2-0 (25-17, 25-10) victory.

Jurong vs Dunman - Match Statistics

 Points scored (Total)KillsHit ErrorsBlocksBlock ErrorsService AceService FaultDefensive ErrorsUnforced Errors
Jurong Team Totals312012467764
Qiuluan (#13)13115210202
Vanessa (#5)651001100
Aijia (#4)642250200
Juliana (#11)403004121
Huiyuh (#2)101001101
JIaxuan (#9)100001010
Qiufeng (#2, Libero)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A1N/A
Dunman Team Totals171215322393
Faith (#7)654001030
Vinnie (#1)443000020
Celine (#9)424220200
Player #12112000000
Heng Hwee (#10)101011111
Gwen (#14)101100000
Tiffany (#6)000000010
Ee Shan (#11)000000000
Fatima (#8, Libero)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A11


Celine (Dunman #9) stretches out to block a spike by Qiuluan (Jurong #13). (Photo 2 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

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