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The Singapore U-23 first XI that faced Indonesia at the 2011 SEA Games. Singapore eventually lost the game 0-2, shipping the first goal within 45 seconds. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images for SSC)

Singapore football finished 2011 on a losing note, winning only 24%, or seven of 29 matches, across all age groups (see tables below).

National Open Squad
The full national squad won only one of seven games played this year, not counting the friendlies. They had a tough World Cup qualifying campaign, scoring an average of one goal per game while leaking 2.4 per game at the back. They had a 1-win, 1-draw and 5-loss (1-1-5) record for 2011.

Their best game in 2011 was their 5-3 win over Malaysia in their first-leg second round World Cup qualifier.

The most disappointing loss was their 1-2 reverse to China in Kunming where the referee gave two dubious penalties to China and denied us one legitimate claim.

The national squad have a losing record over the last five years. From 2007 to 2011, they have won only 35% of their 37 matches. They drew 24% and lost 41% of those matches.

Under-23 Squad
The U-23 squad did not make it into the semi-finals of the 2011 South-east Asian (SEA) Games even though they had an initial target of the final. They defended well in Indonesia, allowing only 0.8 goals per game but their inability to score let them down as they averaged only one goal per game.

They drew 0-0 with Malaysia in their opening game and struggled to beat Cambodia 2-1 in their next. Then they lost 0-2 to Indonesia, letting in the first goal within 45 seconds of the start. They finished off with a 2-0 win over Thailand but their 2-1-1 record was only good enough for third place in the group.

Malaysia and Indonesia grabbed first and second in their group of death to qualify for the semi-finals with Malaysia eventually retaining their SEA Games crown.

Under-19 Squad
The U-19 squad suffered a 0-6 loss to Malaysia in the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) U-19 Championship where they finished with a 0-2-2 record, scoring two goals while conceding 11.

The U-19 squad then had a rough time at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-19 Championship qualifiers, shipping a total of 15 goals, 11 of them coming in a 0-11 loss to China. The squad scored no goals, finished with a 0-1-3 record, and did not qualify for the championship in 2012. Vietnam and Thailand were the only SEA countries to qualify for the 2012 tournament.

Under-17 Squad
The U-17s had their scoring boots on in the AFC U-17 Championship qualifiers. They put eight goals past East Timor and averaged 2.5 goals per game. However, their 1-1-2 record was not good enough to qualify for the main championship in 2012. Thailand and Laos are the only SEA countries to make it to the 2012 tournament.

Under-16 Squad
The U-16s also had plenty of goals to show for from their AFF U-16 Championship outing where they finished fourth. They averaged 2.7 goals per game as they notched big victories over Philippines (5-0), Vietnam (5-0) and Cambodia (4-0) to qualify for the semi-finals with a 3-0-1 preliminary round record.

In the semi-finals, the U-16s lost 0-2 to Thailand and then lost 1-2 to Myanmar in the 3rd/4th playoff. Thailand won the tournament.

Singapore Football 2011 Statistics

GFA = Goals For Average or average number of goals scored per game; GAA = Goals Against Average or average number of goals conceded per game
2011 National SquadsPWDLFAGFAGAA
Singapore (Open)71157171.02.4
Singapore U234211431.00.8
Singapore U1980352260.33.3
Singapore U1741121062.51.5
Singapore U1663031662.71.0

Singapore Football 2011 Summary

2011Tournament RemarksSEA Comparison
Singapore (Open)World Cup Asian Qualifiers (3rd Rd)4th of 4 in Grp A; did not qualify for next roundThailand and Indonesia reached Rd 3. Indonesia did not qualify for next round while Thailand may if they beat Oman
Singapore U23SEA Games3rd of 5 in Grp A; did not qualify for semi-finalsMalaysia (1st); Indonesia (2nd); Myanmar (3rd); Vietnam (4th)
Singapore U19AFC U19 Qualifiers4th of 5 in Grp G; did not qualify for 2012 AFC U19 C'shipVietnam and Thailand qualified for 2012 AFC U19 C'ship
Singapore U19AFF U19 C'ship4th of 5 in Grp A; did not qualify for semisThailand (1st); Vietnam (2nd); Malaysia (3rd); Myanmar (4th)
Singapore U17AFC U17 Qualifiers3rd of 5 in Grp E; did not qualify for 2012 AFC U17 C'ship Thailand and Laos qualified for 2012 AFC U17 C'ship
Singapore U16AFF U16 C'ship 2nd of 5 in Grp B; lost 0-2 to Thailand in semis; lost 1-2 to Myanmar in 3rd/4th matchThailand (1st); Laos (2nd); Myanmar (3rd); Singapore (4th)

Singapore Football Statistics (National Open Squad)

GFA = Goals For Average or average number of goals scored per game; GAA = Goals Against Average or average number of goals conceded per game
National Open SquadPWDLFAGFAGAA
Last 3 years (09-11)16421016351.02.2
Last 5 years (07-11)371391558591.61.6

Singapore Football Results (National Open Squad)

Friendlies are not included.

World Cup Qualifiers = Asian qualifying rounds. Prelim = preliminary round group. ASEAN C'ship = ASEAN Football Championship (aka Suzuki Cup from 2008 onwards, Tiger Cup before that); ATTN = Attendance; Nat Stad = old National Stadium at Kallang that has been torn down.

Singapore's 1-0 victory over Thailand on Nov 18, 2009 in the Asian Cup qualifiers was the first time in 48 years that we had won in Bangkok.

SEA Games became an U-23 tournament from 2001 onwards.
AFF Suzuki Cup
Nov 25Singapore1Indonesia2
Nov 22Thailand1Singapore0
Nov 19Philippines0Singapore0
World Cup/Asian Cup Qualifiers
Mar 29Round 2Afghanistan2Singapore124,500Tehran
World Cup/Asian Cup Qualifiers
Nov 17Round 2Singapore1Syria27,468National Stadium
Nov 12Round 2Singapore0Japan333,868National Stadium
Oct 13Round 2Singapore2Cambodia16,850National Stadium
Oct 8Round 2Singapore1Afghanistan05,400National Stadium
Sept 3Round 2Syria1Singapore0100Oman
Jun 16Round 2Japan0Singapore057,533Saitama
Jun 11Round 2Cambodia0Singapore 463,000Phnom Penh
ASEAN C'ship
Nov 29PrelimSingapore1Malaysia348,183National Stadium
Nov 26PrelimMyanmar2Singapore424,000National Stadium
Nov 23PrelimSingapore1Thailand232,148 National Stadium
Asian Cup Qualifiers
Mar 5Oman3Singapore1Oman
Feb 4Singapore1Jordan3Jln Besar
Asian Cup Qualifiers
Nov 15Syria4Singapore0Iran
Oct 15Singapore2Syria1Jln Besar
Aug 14Singapore0Oman25,849Jln Besar
Feb 6Jordan 4Singapore02,004Amman
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 222nd Leg FinalThailand1Singapore020,000Supachalasai
Dec 191st Leg FinalSingapore3Thailand17,500Jln Besar
Dec 122nd Leg Semi-FinalSingapore1Philippines07,500Jln Besar
Dec 81st Leg Semi-FinalPhilippines0Singapore013,000Rizal Memorial
Dec 11st RdSingapore4Laos3Shah Alam
Nov 281st RdIndonesia1Singapore0Bukit Jalil
Nov 251st RdMalaysia0Singapore3Bukit Jalil
World Cup Qualifiers
Feb 293rd RdIraq7Singapore1Doha
World Cup Qualifiers
Nov 153rd RdSingapore0China45,474Jln Besar
Nov 113rd RdJordan2Singapore019,000Amman
Oct 113rd RdSingapore0Jordan33,799Jln Besar
Sept 63rd RdSingapore0Iraq25,505Jln Besar
Sept 23rd RdChina2Singapore117,000Kunming
Jul 282nd RdMalaysia1Singapore190,000Bukit Jalil
Jul 232nd RdSingapore5Malaysia36,000Jln Besar
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 2PrelimSingapore1Philippines1Hanoi
Dec 5PrelimSingapore2Myanmar1Hanoi
Dec 8PrelimVietnam1Singapore040,000Hanoi
Asian Cup Qualifiers
Mar 4PrelimJordan2Singapore117,000Amman
Jan 6PrelimSingapore1Iran37,356National Stadium
Nov 18PrelimThailand0Singapore130,000Bangkok
Nov 14PrelimSingapore1Thailand322,183National Stadium
Jan 28PrelimSingapore2Jordan16,188National Stadium
Jan 14PrelimIran6Singapore03,000Tehran
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 212nd Leg SFSingapore0Vietnam155,000National Stadium
Dec 171st Leg SFVietnam0Singapore040,000Hanoi
Dec 9PrelimIndonesia0Singapore250,000Jakarta
Dec 7PrelimSingapore3Myanmar121,000Jakarta
Dec 5PrelimSingapore5Cambodia018,000Jakarta
World Cup Qualifiers
Jun 223rd RdLebanon1Singapore2500Beirut
Jun 143rd RdSingapore0Saudi Arabia223,000National Stadium
Jun 73rd RdUzbekistan1Singapore012,867Tashkent
Jun 23rd RdSingapore3Uzbekistan728,750National Stadium
Mar 263rd RdSingapore2Lebanon010,118National Stadium
Feb 63rd RdSaudi Arabia2Singapore010,000Riyadh
World Cup Qualifiers
Nov 182nd RdTajikistan1Singapore121,500Dushanbe
Nov 9 2nd RdSingapore2Tajikistan06,606National Stadium
Oct 281st RdSingapore3Palestine0no show
Oct 81st RdPalestine0Singapore475Doha
ASEAN C'ship
Feb 42nd Leg FinalThailand1Singapore140,000Bangkok
Jan 311st Leg FinalSingapore2Thailand155,000National Stadium
Jan 272nd Leg SFSingapore1(5)Malaysia1(4)55,000National Stadium
Jan 231st Leg SFMalaysia1Singapore140,000Shah Alam
Jan 17PrelimSingapore2Indonesia213,819National Stadium
Jan 15PrelimSingapore11Laos05,224National Stadium
Jan 13PrelimSingapore0Vietnam020,000National Stadium
Asian Cup Qualifiers
Oct 11PrelimIraq4Singapore23,000UAE
Sept 6PrelimSingapore0China039,000National Stadium
Aug 16PrelimChina1Singapore027,000Tianjin
Mar 1PrelimPalestine1Singapore01,000Amman
ASEAN C'ship
Jan 162nd Leg FinalSingapore2Indonesia155,000National Stadium
Jan 81st Leg FinalIndonesia1Singapore3Jakarta
Jan 22nd Leg SFSingapore4Myanmar2
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 291st L SFMyanmar3Singapore4KL
Dec 15PrelimSingapore3Cambodia0Hai Phong
Dec 13PrelimSingapore6Laos2Hanoi
Dec 9PrelimSingapore0Indonesia0Ho Chi Minh
Dec 7PrelimSingapore1Vietnam1Ho Chi Minh
World Cup Qualifiers
Nov 172nd RdJapan1Singapore058,881Saitama
Oct 132nd RdSingapore2India03,609Jln Besar
Sept 82nd RdSingapore0Oman24,000Jln Besar
Jun 92nd RdOman7Singapore02,000Muscat
Mar 312nd RdSingapore1Japan26,000Jln Besar
Feb 182nd RdIndia1Singapore028,000Margao
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 22PrelimSingapore1Thailand120,000National Stadium
Dec 20PrelimSingapore2Laos1National Stadium
Dec 18PrelimSingapore0Malaysia445,000National Stadium
World Cup Qualifiers
Feb 271st RdKyrgyzstan1Singapore125,099Kuwait
Feb 241st RdBahrain2Singapore0800Kuwait
Feb 211st RdKuwait1Singapore012,099Kuwait
Feb 91st RdSingapore1Bahrain225,000National Stadium
Feb 61st RdSingapore1Kuwait112,000National Stadium
Feb 31st RdSingapore0Kyrgyzstan125,000National Stadium
ASEAN C'ship
Nov 13PrelimSingapore0Malaysia1Songkhla
Nov 11PrelimSingapore0Vietnam1Songhkla
Nov 9PrelimSingapore3Laos0Songkhla
Nov 5PrelimSingapore1Cambodia0Songkhla
SEA Games
Aug 143rd/4thSingapore0 (2)Indonesia0 (4)3,000Brunei
Aug 12Semi-FinalSingapore0Thailand28,000Brunei
Aug 9PrelimSingapore2Cambodia0300Brunei
Aug 6PrelimSingapore1Indonesia12,000Brunei
Aug 4PrelimSingapore3Brunei1Brunei
Jul 31PrelimSingapore2Malaysia12,000Brunei
ASEAN C'ship
Sept 5FinalSingapore1Vietnam025,000Hanoi
Sept 3Semi-FinalSingapore2Indonesia17,000Ho Chi Minh
Aug 30PrelimSingapore4Laos115,000Hanoi
Aug 28PrelimSingapore0Vietnam015,000Hanoi
Aug 26PrelimSingapore2Malaysia05,000Hanoi
World Cup Qualifiers
Jun 51st RdKuwait4Singapore0Kuwait
May 241st RdSingapore1Lebanon2National Stadium
Apr 261st RdSingapore0Kuwait1National Stadium
Apr 131st RdLebanon1Singapore1Beirut
ASEAN C'ship
Sept 10PrelimSingapore0Thailand142,000National Stadium
Sept 6PrelimSingapore3Philippines012,000National Stadium
Sept 4PrelimSingapore3Brunei08,400National Stadium
Sept 1PrelimSingapore1Malaysia17,500National Stadium

Singapore Football Results (Age Group Squads)

AFF = ASEAN Football Federation. AFC = Asian Football Confederation. Group = group stage. SEA Games became an U-23 tournament from 2001 onwards.

We have not included the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and the 2011 Lion City Cup in the record. The 2010 YOG had six teams and there was no qualifying tournament to choose them. The five — Vanuatu, Bolivia, Haiti, Montenegro, Zimbabwe — were invited to play on the basis of geography. Singapore were in as hosts. The Lion City Cup is an invitational tournament and the foreign teams are invited on the basis of commercial appeal.
AFF U19 C'ship
Sept 19GroupSingapore U190Timor-Leste U192
Sept 17GroupPhilippines U191Singapore U192
Sept 15GroupMalaysia U192Singapore U191
Sept 11GroupSingapore U190Vietnam U190
AFC U14 Regional Festival of Football
Jul 30GroupSingapore U140Vietnam U148
Jul 29GroupMyanmar U146Singapore U141
Jul 27GroupBrunei U143Singapore U143
Jul 27GroupSingapore U141Thailand U1410
AFF U16 C'ship
Jul 18GroupSingapore U160Vietnam U163
Jul 16GroupAustralia U166Singapore U162
Jul 14GroupSingapore U160Malaysia U162
Jul 12GroupSingapore U161Myanmar U164
Jul 10GroupPhilippines U161Singapore U163
AFC U19 Qualifiers
Oct 4GroupSingapore U190Thailand U193
Oct 6GroupSingapore U192Taiwan U192
Sept 30GroupSingapore U1910Northern Mariana Islands U190
Sept 28GroupSingapore U192South Korea U196
AFC U16 Qualifiers
Sept 6GroupSingapore U163Cambodia U161
Sept 4GroupSingapore U160North Korea U163
Sept 2GroupThailand U165Singapore U160
AFF U19 C'ship
Aug 31GroupTimor-Leste U191Singapore U191
Aug 29GroupSingapore U190Vietnam U196
Aug 25GroupMalaysia U194Singapore U190
Aug 23GroupSingapore U190Myanmar U191
AFF U16 C'ship
Aug 3GroupCambodia U160Singapore U160
Aug 1GroupAustralia U168Singapore U162
Jul 30GroupSingapore U164Philippines U161
Jul 28GroupSingapore U161Myanmar U163
SEA Games
Jun 11GroupSingapore U230Indonesia U231
Jun 8GroupCambodia U231Singapore U233
Jun 4GroupSingapore U231Myanmar U232
Jun 1GroupPhilippines U230Singapore U231
AFC U14 Qualifiers
Jun 3GroupSingapore U141Cambodia U140
Jun 2GroupBangladesh U141Singapore U141
May 31GroupSingapore U140Indonesia U140
May 29GroupThailand U142Singapore U140
May 28 GroupLaos U141Singapore U143
AFC U23 Qualifiers
Mar 31GroupSingapore U232Mongolia U232
Mar 29GroupSingapore U230China U235
Mar 27GroupLaos U230Singapore U230
AFC U19 Qualifiers
Oct 12GroupSingapore U19 3Brunei U191
Oct 10GroupSingapore U190North Korea U194
Oct 8GroupThailand U193Singapore U190
AFC U16 Qualifiers
Sept 29GroupAustralia U163Singapore U161
Sept 27GroupSingapore U169Macau U160
Sept 25GroupSingapore U163Chinese Taipei U161
Sept 21GroupHong Kong U164Singapore U161
Merdeka Cup
Sept 143rd/4thThailand U231Singapore U232
Sept 11GroupSingapore U230Myanmar U232
Sept 9GroupThailand U231Singapore U230
Sept 7GroupMalaysia U231Singapore U230
AFF U19 C'ship
Sept 17GroupCambodia U193Singapore U192
Sept 13GroupLaos U193Singapore U190
Sept 11GroupSingapore U193Philippines U191
Sept 9GroupSingapore U191Timor-Leste U191
AFF U16 C'ship
Aug 29GroupLaos U164Singapore U162
Aug 27GroupIndonesia U161Singapore U161
Aug 25GroupSingapore U162Philippines U160
Aug 23GroupMalaysia U161Singapore U161
AFC U14 C'ship
Jun 3GroupSingapore U141Cambodia U140
Jun 2GroupBangladesh U141Singapore U141
May 31GroupSingapore U140Indonesia U140
May 29GroupThailand U142Singapore U140
May 28GroupLaos U141Singapore U143
AFC U22 C'ship
Jul 15GroupIndonesia U222Singapore U220
Jul 12GroupSingapore U223Macau U220
Jul 10GroupAustralia U220Singapore U220
Jul 7GroupJapan U223Singapore U221
Jul 5GroupSingapore U222Timor Leste U221
SEA Games
Nov 17GroupSingapore U232Thailand U230
Nov 11GroupSingapore U230Indonesia U232
Nov 9GroupSingapore U232Cambodia U231
Nov 7GroupSingapore U230Malaysia U230
AFC U19 Qualifiers
Nov 8GroupSingapore U190Indonesia U193
Nov 4GroupSingapore U190China U1911
Nov 2GroupSingapore U190Australia U191
Oct 31GroupSingapore U190Macau U190
AFF U19 C'ship
Sept 17GroupSingapore U190Thailand U193
Sept 15GroupSingapore U191Cambodia U191
Sept 13GroupSingapore U190Malaysia U196
Sept 9GroupSingapore U191Philippines U191
AFC U16 Qualifiers
Sept 18GroupSingapore U168East Timor U161
Sept 15GroupSingapore U161Malaysia U161
Sept 13GroupSingapore U160North Korea U161
Sept 10GroupSingapore U161China U163
AFF U16 C'ship
Jul 203rd/4thSingapore U161Myanmar U162
Jul 18Semi-FinalsSingapore U160Thailand U162
Jul 16GroupSingapore U164Cambodia U160
Jul 14GroupSingapore U161Myanmar U162
Jul 10GroupSingapore U165Philippines U160
Jul 8GroupSingapore U165Vietnam U160
Asian Games
Nov 7GroupSingapore U230Qatar U230
Nov 9GroupSingapore U230Kuwait U232
Nov 11GroupSingapore U231India U234
SEA Games
Dec 173rd/4thSingapore U233Laos U231
Dec 14Semi-FinalSingapore U231Vietnam U234
Dec 10GroupSingapore U230Laos U230
Dec 7GroupSingapore U232Myanmar U231
Dec 5GroupSingapore U232Indonesia U232
AFC U19 Qualifiers
Nov 17GroupSingapore U193Taiwan U191
Nov 14GroupSingapore U190Japan U192
Nov 12GroupSingapore U190Australia U198
Nov 9GroupSingapore U191Hong Kong U192
Nov 7GroupSingapore U190Indonesia U191
AFC U17 Qualifiers
Oct 1GroupSingapore U170China U177
Sept 28GroupSingapore U171Hong Kong U171
Sept 26GroupSingapore U170East Timor U173
Sept 23GroupSingapore U173Guam U171
Sept 21GroupSingapore U174Macau U170
AFF U19 C'ship
Aug 8GroupSingapore U190Thailand U191
Aug 6GroupSingapore U193Cambodia U191
Aug 4GroupSingapore U191Australia U191
AFC U17 C'ship
Oct 8GroupSingapore U171Iran U174
Oct 6GroupSingapore U170Bahrain U173
Oct 4GroupSingapore U170Uzbekistan U177
AFF U16 C'ship
Jul 193rd/4thSingapore U160Malaysia U163
Jul 17GroupSingapore U161Indonesia U161
Jul 15GroupSingapore U161Australia U161
Jul 11GroupSingapore U160Bahrain U161
Jul 9GroupSingapore U160Malaysia U162
SEA Games
Dec 143rd/4thSingapore U235Vietnam U230
Dec 11Semi-FinalSingapore U230Thailand U233
Dec 8GroupSingapore U231Malaysia U231
Dec 3 GroupSingapore U233VietnamU232
Dec 1GroupSingapore U230Laos U230
AFC U19 Qualifiers
Nov 14GroupSingapore U194Macau U190
Nov 10GroupSingapore U190Malaysia U190
Nov 8GroupSingapore U191North Korea U193
Nov 6GroupSingapore U191China U197
AFC U16 Qualifiers
Oct 9GroupSingapore U161China U162
Oct 5GroupSingapore U164Macau U161
Oct 3GroupSingapore U164Guam U160
Oct 1GroupSingapore U168Mongolia U160
AFF U17 C'ship
Aug 24GroupSingapore U170Laos U17 4
Aug 22GroupSingapore U173Myanmar U173
Aug 20GroupSingapore U170Vietnam U172
AFF U20 C'ship
Aug 5GroupSingapore U201Myanmar U202
Aug 3GroupSingapore U201Laos U202
Aug 1GroupSingapore U200Malaysia U203
SEA Games
Nov 28GroupSingapore U231Myanmar U230
Nov 26GroupSingapore U231Laos U230
Nov 24GroupSingapore U230Indonesia U230
Nov 20GroupSingapore U231Vietnam U232
AFC U19 Qualifiers
Nov 25GroupSingapore U191Indonesia U191
Nov 23GroupSingapore U190Thailand U192
AFF U23 C'ship
Sept 7FinalSingapore U230Thailand U233
Sept 5Semi-FinalMyanmar U231Singapore U232
Sept 2GroupThailand U234Singapore U231
Aug 31GroupLaos U231Singapore U233
Aug 29GroupSingapore U233Cambodia U232
AFF U20 C'ship
Aug 14GroupSingapore U202Maldives U201
Aug 12GroupSingapore U203Timor Leste1
Aug 10GroupSingapore U200Laos U201
Aug 8GroupSingapore U200Vietnam U200
AFC U17 Qualifiers
Dec 13GroupSingapore U171Thailand U173
Dec 11GroupThailand U174Singapore U170
SEA Games
Dec 6GroupSingapore U235Cambodia U231
Dec 3GroupSingapore U230Malaysia U232
Nov 29GroupSingapore U230Myanmar U232
AFC U17 Qualifiers
May 17GroupSingapore U170Myanmar U176
May 15GroupSingapore U170Hong Kong U173
AFF U17 C'ship
Feb 24GroupSingapore U177Brunei U173
Feb 22GroupSingapore U170Myanmar U174
Feb 20GroupSingapore U173Vietnam U173
Feb 18GroupSingapore U171Malaysia U174
AFF U20 C'ship
Jan 28GroupSingapore U203Indonesia U201
Jan 26GroupSingapore U201Malaysia U200
Jan 24GroupSingapore U207Myanmar U201
Jan 23GroupSingapore U201Thailand U205
SEA Games
Sept 7GroupSingapore U231Myanmar U232
Sept 5GroupSingapore U235Cambodia U230
Sept 3GroupSingapore U230Thailand U231
Sept 1GroupSingapore U234Laos U230
AFC U17 Qualifiers
Jun 25GroupSingapore U179Philippines U170
Jun 23GroupSingapore U171Japan U176
Jun 21GroupSingapore U174Indonesia U176
AFC U17 Qualifiers
Apr 25GroupSingapore U172Brunei U171
Apr 23GroupSingapore U172Indonesia U172
Apr 21GroupSingapore U170Thailand U179
AFC U17 Qualifiers
N/AGroupSingapore U170Indonesia U172
N/AGroupSingapore U170Thailand U1710
N/AGroupSingapore U172Malaysia U171