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Acting sports minister Chan Chun Sing (right, boat 2) leads a dragon boat team against another with minister Lim Swee Say at the helm. The sport of Dragon Boat is one of 10 that will feature at the 2012 Singapore National Games. (Photo © Singapore National Games 2012/courtesy of Samantha See)

Raffles Plaza, Saturday, November 26, 2011 — The inaugural Singapore National Games 2012 was launched today on the sidelines of the Singapore River Regatta 2011. The multi-sports competition will be held once every two years and the 2012 edition will pit community teams against each other in 10 sports — Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Dragon Boat, Football, Netball, Sepak Takraw, Swimming and Table Tennis.

The games will be jointly organised by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and the People’s Association (PA), as well as the National Sports Associations (NSA) of the 10 sports.

The Community Games (formerly known as the Inter-Constituency Games), which now runs annually, will serve as the qualifying round for the National Games in the years when it is held. Next year, the Community Games will be held from March to July 2012 and the National Games will be held from September 1st to 9th.

The 2012 games will be held at various venues around Singapore, including schools, the Bedok Reservoir and the Singapore Sports School. Teams will be formed according to geographical clusters based on community groupings.

Members of the winning teams will each be awarded a medal, with trophies being awarded to the winning teams.

Participation will be open to Singapore citizens as well as non-citizens, including Singapore permanent residents. National athletes are also eligible to compete. However, in general, national athletes and non-citizens may only make up at most 20% of the team size, or one member of the team, whichever is higher.

Speaking at the launch, minister Lim Swee Say, the deputy chairman of the PA emphasised the inclusiveness of the games.

Said Mr Chan Chun Sing, the acting minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports: “The Singapore National Games will be a unique event in Singapore’s sports calendar, offering something for everyone. For participants, we can expect to see keen competition at all levels in all sports categories.

For spectators and supporters, this will be a great opportunity to watch competitive sports, cheer on teams as well as be involved in the many fringe activities organised in conjunction with the Games.”

Registration for the Games will be in two phases as some sports will not need a qualifying round. Registration for the Community Games 2012 will open in January 2012 for seven sports, while registration for the remaining three sports for the Singapore National Games 2012 will open in May 2012.

Public enquiries regarding in the Games can be directed to the following hotline: 6238 2058