B Division Hockey: Victoria edge Teck Whye 3-2 in overtime with golden goal to win final


Hockey final VS TWSS

Gerald of VS gets tackled by two Teck Whye defenders. (Photo 12 © Marvin Lowe/Red Sports)

Hockey final VS TWSS

A VS player prepares to cross the ball in. (Photo 13 © Marvin Lowe/Red Sports)

Hockey final VS TWSS

Guan Zhi of Teck Whye celebrates with his team mates after scoring a late equalizer. (Photo 14 © Marvin Lowe/Red Sports)

Hockey final VS TWSS

Amos Law of VS goes down after a strong challenge from the Teck Whye defender. (Photo 15 © Marvin Lowe/Red Sports)

Hockey final VS TWSS

“Did I just score the winning goal?” wonders Hamizan of VS after he poked home a loose ball. (Photo 16 © Marvin Lowe/Red Sports)

Hockey final VS TWSS

Hamizan of VS being mobbed by his team mates. (Photo 17 © Marvin Lowe/Red Sports)

Hockey final VS TWSS

The entire team piles upon Hamizan in celebration. (Photo 18 © Marvin Lowe/Red Sports)

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  1. Why was the 1st half goal by Victoria disallowed?
    The Victoria players, apart from a defender, were also shorter and smaller in size.
    Overall, Victoria was more organzied and better in dribbling. Teck Whye was strong in defence and midfield, able to match Victoria player to player.

  2. actually , the umpire fault that cause vs to score the winning goal . VS fouled a teck whye player by a stick check but the umpire nvr blew the wistle . In the end he gave VS the ball as he saw it was the ball tht hits teck whye player legs , resulting the goal … It is really visible to see as the vs guy knock tw’s guy stick .

    • if u say that, then the second goal scored by teck whye was also the cause of the umpire. he blew for legs but the ball did not touch the legs. then they scored by that short corner.

      • Just to put a end to this, if not this arguement will go on forever.

        Refs are ultimately human and they do mistakes. It’s an element of the game that we have to live with. At school level, we have no pro refs, no high tech replays to help us. We have to remember no referee is perfect. Even the BPL refs make costly mistakes at times and that’s part of the game.

        In this case, i think both teams did benefit from both good and bad calls by the ref. Lucky for VS, they had one more crucial call that went their way. But that’s part of life and it ain’t always fair.

        All in all, it was a well played game by both teams, very evenly matched. So please don’t give the refs too much credit when the boys from both teams played their hearts out and showed their desires to win. Once again, kudos to all the boys that played in the final, giving us such an exciting and entertaining game to watch!

  3. Thought the Victoria School coach is call Fred Martens? He had a big commotion with the New Paper reporter after the match. Think the reporter wanted to interview him but he scolded the reporter. When the reporter was persistent, the coach shouted: “Get out of my sight!” This was in front of all his players. And the coach just walked off.
    The coach is quite a flamboyant guy. During half-time when Victoria was 0-1 down, he did not give much pep-talk to the boys. He also scolded the referee when he gave the penalty-corner for legs to Teck Whye. He kept shouting “Where got legs?!!, Where got legs?!!”…The penalty-corner resulted in Teck Whye equaliser when Victoria was cruising to victory with minutes remaining.
    The coach is quite a character.

    • Yup, he’s called Fred as well. We just used his full name.

      Well, we didn’t have any problems interviewing Mr Martens. He was very nice and friendly with us. Interviewed him more then once already, never had a problem. When you ask someone nicely, that person will respond in kind. I am not sure what the newpaper guy do to piss Mr Marten off.

      You must have been pretty close to the players’ bench to have observed all these things?

      He might be loud and quite the character, but at the end of the day, he delivered the results. Second title with this team already.

    • line up for vs is… Goalkeeper: Elangesh
      Defenders (right to left):
      Samuel. Ray. Chee Yong. Dalson.
      Midfielders (right to left):
      Gerald. Mahesveran. Venuraam.
      Forwards (right to left):
      Muhd Hamizan. Muhd Yusuf. Amos.

    • Farhan

      I didnt receive any lineups from Teck Whye and Victoria, but I believe VS has provided the lineup for … well.. VS.

      Do help me post the lineups for Teck Whye if you happen to have it as well. Thanks.

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  5. For the record, Victoria National Schools hockey champions (excluding 6-a-side) are –
    C Div – 1982, 1987, 1989, 1990, 2009
    B Div – 1981, 2011
    A Div – 1970, 1977, 1978
    A Div (by VJC) – 1984, 1987
    A Div Girls (by VJC) – 2003 to 2010

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