Love to shoot sports and write about it? Join the Red Sports internship programme


red crew jan 2011

“Who are all these people and where did they come from?” The Red Crew after four years. (Photo © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

We are entering our version of March Madness with multiple sports going on at the same time all over our sunny little island.

We need more hands on deck!

So if you are interested in writing about and shooting sports, join us for a free orientation workshop that is taking place this Saturday, March 5th.

Our REDaction! Internship programme is meant to give you exposure to covering sports and your stories and photos will be seen by many on Red Sports because we have had to 90,000 readers a month during the peak school season.

For more details, go to

N.B. Some students have used this programme to gain Community Involvement Programme points. Republic Poly students received 7 points as part of their Creative Engagement programme after going through our internship.

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