IVP Floorball (Men): ITE underline title aspirations with 2-0 win over TP while defending champions RP defeat NTU 6-3


Story by Noor Farhan/ Red Sports. Pictures by Tan Jon Han/ Red Sports

IVP Guys Floorball ITE vs TP

Syazni (ITE #7, red) brings the ball out of his danger zone at speed. The matchup between ITE and TP was a tight affair, with the deadlock broken during power plays in the second period giving ITE a 2-0 victory over TP. (Photo 1 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

Republic Polytechnic Sports Complex, Thursday, January 13, 2011 – Last year’s finalists, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Republic Polytechnic (RP) both put up a good show for the audience with wins in the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) men’s Floorball Championship.

Former runners-up ITE held their own to beat Temasek Polytechnic (TP) 2-0 while title-holders Republic Polytechnic (RP) gave a strong performance with a 6-3 win over the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

ITE’s defence stood firm against TP’s repeated attacks to win the game 2-0, thanks to a brace by captain and long-time stalwart Dzulkifli, who had an outstanding game.

The first period of the game was a tight affair as it ended 0-0, with both sides opting to go on the defense, contented with soaking up each other’s attacks.

The game sprang to life in the second period, with both sides playing a direct and hard-running game.

A cut-and-thrust counterattack by the TP offense carved an opening just 2 minutes into the game, but forward Muhammad Faris’s shot only managed to sail over the crossbar.

It did not take long for playmakers of both teams to try and impose their influence on the game, with TP’s Tan Yi Ru holding his team together with his intelligent play, even as national player, ITE’s Muhammad Syazni dragged his opponents’ defenses wide with his runs down the flanks.

ITE then showed their good tactical awareness, slowing the game down in search of an opening. The move produced the desired effect as their patient build-up play was rewarded with Dzulkifli scoring the first goal from the right flank, after an assist by teammate, Singapore international, Mohamad Rasyid.

ITE’s Dzulkifli found the net again in the third period after an assist by Mohamad Rasyid, this time through the centre, beating the keeper with a well-hit slapshot, which ended the game at 2-0 even as TP mounted an unsuccessful last-minute rally.

“We definitely did not perform to what we were capable of, but it’s a good learning experience for them and we hope to meet ITE again in the finals,” noted TP coach Filip Dalhgren.

“We tried playing our game but the surface was terrible, however it’s no excuse since its the same for both teams. In fact ITE only had five shots the whole game and managed to score two, so it shows how effective they were,” he added.

“They fought hard, they were focused even though it was a tough game and they managed to play as a team,” remarked ITE coach Jill Quek, on her charges’ overall play.

“The opponents had good key players, but today we somehow managed to hold them back,” she added.

On ITE’s title aspirations, she commented, “We’ll have to take each game at a time, since all the other teams are strong too and it would very much depends on how the play as well.”

Meanwhile in the other game, Republic Polytechnic (RP) handed a harsh defeat to opponents Nanyang Technological University with a thorough 6-3 win, underscoring their title aspirations.

“The boys were playing well, taking a comfortable lead. However, once they conceded (against NTU) they took some time to get back to the normal (pace) of the game. It’s good that they recovered their normal play once they recovered their sixth goal of the game,” analysed RP’s coach Mr Saravanan Rajamanikam.

When asked what his team’s goals were for this tournament, he said simply, “We want to be champions.”

Don’t miss all the high-quality floorball action next week here at RP, with teams playing their hearts out for the much-coveted title as the 2011 IVP Champions!

2011 IVP Floorball Fixtures & Results

ITE Lineup
Dzulkifli Danny B Kamaruden (Captain, #9), Shasitharan s/o Arumugam (Gk, #40), Nur Rasyiman B Andi Satria (Gk, #34), Jebsen Ko Sheng Wen (Gk, #38), Goh Chin Wee Reynard (#6), Muhammad Rusydi B Mohd Rosly (#19), Khairul Ridzuan B Razman (#10), Zulfadli B Omar (#21), Mihamad Hidayatullah B Mohd S, (#25), Qamarul Fahmy B Mohd Zin (#24), Muhammad Zulhakim B Zailani (#4), Mohamed Noraswan B Mohamed (#22), Muhammad Syazni B Ramli (#7), Muhammad Syahid B Zulkefli (#12), Joshua Seow Hui Teck (#11), Abdul Shajan Sanusi B Abdul (#20), Nor Hazmi b Hassan (#23), Mohamad Rashid B Jalaludin (#16), Ong Jun Wen Clarence (#17)

TP Lineup
Muhammad Faris Bin Rusli (Captain, #89), Nasiruddin Bin Zainuddin (#32), Muhammad Rozaidi Bin Razali (#17), Wong Kok Ming Leon (#55), Jimmy Ang Wan Chun (#4), Alson Lee Boon Shan (#53), Muhammad Masri Bin Mid Yusof (#66), Mohamed Azmeer Bin Mihamed Akhbar (Gk, #91), Lin Jin Quan (#7), Tan Yi Ru (#52), Muhammad Haseef Bin Salim (#26), Muhammad Hidayat Bin Mat Rahim (#16), Foo Ce Xi (#5), Keldon Phua Zhi Hao (#27) Hilman Bin Hariadi (Gk, #1), Ameer Barakat Ali (#25), Gary Wong Zi Quan (#6), Joash Tan Jia An (#71), Muhammad Hazim Bin Azmi (#77), Lin He Jun (#21)

RP Lineup
Abdul Malek Bin Abdul Aziz (#8), Pradeep s/o Panniraselvam (Gk, #3), Muhd Syazwan Bin Muhd Sadan (#90), Muhammad Nur saffwan Bin Othman (#6), Muhammad Khairul Fahmi (#17), Muhammad Taufiq Bin Adnan (#21), Mohammed Jumaeen Bin Amat Kamsi (#5), Mohammad Hafidz Bin Jaafar (#26), Mohammad Saddam Bin Dzulkepli (#77), Joshua Lim Wei Chuen (#22), Lee Quan Hua (#42), Tay Kok Boon (#7), Nuhammad Ariff Bin Yacib (#10), Lawarra Bin Ali (#62), Muhammad Hamran Bin Zakaria (#14), Noor Hakeem Bin Muhamad Haider (#11), Amirul Ashraf Bin Mohd Gazali (#16), Mohamad Faiz Bin Yussaini (#20), Chan Li Yang (#9) Mohammad Syafiq Bin Shariff (#12), Siraaj Bin Ramadhan (#19), Muhammad Fharidee Bin Jailani (#24), Nanthagopalan (#27)

NTU Lineup
Iskandar Ishak (Gk, #4), Omar Basri (Gk, #12), Muhd Zulhelmi b Muhd Rosman (Gk, #26), Hairiezzal b Hairon (#5), Jan Fazly (#8), Santa Bahadur (#11), Scott Loh You Wei (#16), Muhd Fazly (#17), Nick Ow Jia En (#7), Zhu Junwei (#13), Shukri b Abdul Jalil (#21), Low Chong Guan (#3), Sim How Chong (#15), Lim Kah Wai (#22), Kenneth Tan Kian Li (#25), Leon Lim Wee Leong (#14), Melvin Yeh Wei Xiang (#2), Brandon Cheong (#77), Kenneth Leong (#69), Zaim Nuriman (#9)

IVP Guys Floorball ITE vs TP

ITE goalie dives across his goalmouth in anticipation of a TP shot at goal. (Photo 2 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP Guys Floorball ITE vs TP

Tan Yi Ru (TP #52) and Mohamad Rashid (ITE #16) attempt to gain possession over a loose ball. (Photo 3 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP Guys Floorball ITE vs TP

TP’s forward fumbles at the goalmouth in search of a goal to open the team’s scoring. (Photo 4 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

Ed’s note: If you recognise the players, let us know the names and we’ll update the post. Thanks.

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  1. from-singapore-player

    just cool! Everyone is right! Yiru is as good as most of the national team player! but let me correct you, that there is still players better than him.
    But he got the skill to be in the national team. Just cool! All of us know that he is good!

  2. from-singapore-player

    cool! I know yiru didn’t went to world cup because of asian hockey game. And i also know he is one of the best players in singapore. But i am just saying the fact. So cool! As long as we know yiru is good enough to be in national team than is enough.

  3. from-singapore-player

    ITE #16 is also a national player. yiru didn’t play for last year world cup. Both Rasyid and Syazni play for last year world cup.

    • So wat if yiru did not play for the world cup last year reason is he got asian games hockey..he is one of the best players in singapore..he will always be the national player..

      • syazni, from-singapore-player is correct in a sense that in the recent national squad,he is not inside,therefore he cannot be counted as a national player.

        if it is like what u said,then the combine school batch who went to apac in 2009 will always be consider as national players since they once played for singapore la.

        • For your info yiru standard is for far dn the rest tats been counted as national players..u give me names of those who went for the world cup in finland who can play better dn yiru..think uh?so think before u talk..combine school?hello they will juz be combine school boys..not anywhere near..

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