Singapore’s Ili Lim wins overall flowriding title

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ili lim flowriding

Singapore Ili Lim in action during the championship. (Photo courtesy of Jiayi Li)

Sentosa, Sunday, October 31, 2010 — Singapore’s Ili Lim, 21, stole the limelight at the Contiki International FLOW (Flowriding League of the World) Championship when she was declared the overall champion in the Expert Ladies category. Ili won two categories — FlowRider and FlowBarrel Strapless.

The Overall Men’s Bodyboard Champion went to Nick Nguyen of the USA while fellow American Eric Silverman was the Overall Expert Men’s champion. USA were also the overall team champions.

The three-day competition featured some of the world’s top flowriders and had 2,000 spectators who got to see some of the best flow-riders from Singapore, San Diego, Durban, Santiago and United Arab Emirates.

The Contiki IFC provided an international platform for locals Alfian Affandi, 27, and Arthur Kor, 28, on Men’s FlowBoard, Ili Lim, 21, on Women’s FlowBoard and Leanna Crowley, 17, on the Expert Bodyboard. Considered the youngest team of the lot, they were competing with the likes of top riders Greg Lazarus and Eric Silverman from the United States, and Matt Lammers
and Wes Fischer from South Africa, to name a few.

Flowriding involves riding on either a stand-up Flowboard or Bodyboard on the FlowRider and Flowbarrel – an artificial wave-producing machine that shoots out water at speeds of 32km/h to 48km/h over padded surfaces that mimic the shapes of waves. As such, it produces a stationary wave known as a sheet wave.

Judging is based on a point-award system and flowriders have to exhibit mastery of the waves. They are given points based on the difficulty, variety and execution of each move or trick and this will go into the overall scoring in the individual and team category.

The winners of the competition won S$15,000 worth of prizes and products.

Final Team Standings
1. USA
2. South Africa
3. WFC Team

Overall Champions

Expert Ladies
1. Ili Lim (Singapore)
2. Kristen Barney (USA)
3. Marta Jekot (South Africa)
b. Bodyboarding
1. Nick Nguyen (WFC – USA)
2. Billy Tennant (South Africa)
3. Tyler Danek (USA)
c. Expert Men’s
1. Eric Silverman (USA)
2. Greg Lazarus (USA)
3. Wes Fischer (South Africa)

Competition Experts

FlowRider – Expert Ladies
1. Ili Lim (Singapore)
2. Amanda McCormick (USA)
3. Clair Reid (UAE)
4. Kristen Barney (USA)
e. FlowRider – Expert Bodyboard
1. Nick Nguyen (WFC – USA)
2. Tyler Danek (USA)
3. Billy Tennant (South Africa)

FlowRider – Expert Men’s
1. Sean Silveira (WFC – USA)
2. Greg Lazarus (USA)
3. Eric Silverman (USA)

FlowBarrel Strapless – Expert Ladies
1. Ili Lim (Singapore)
2. Marta Jekot (South Africa)
3. Kristen Barney (USA)
h. FlowBarrel Drop-Knee – Expert Bodyboard
1. Nick Nguyen (WFC – USA)
2. Billy Tennant (South Africa)
3. Tyler Danek (USA)
i. FlowBarrel Strapless – Expert Mens
1. Eric Silverman (USA)
2. Wes Fischer (South Africa)
3. Greg Lazarus (USA)
4. Matt Lammers (South Africa)

FlowBarrel Strapped – Expert Ladies
1. Kristen Barney (USA)
2. Marta Jekot (South Africa)
3. Nicole Buraschi (Chile)
k. FlowBarrel Prone – Expert Bodyboard
1. Billy Tennant (South Africa)
2. Tyler Danek (USA)
3. Claudio Cafati (Chile)
l. FlowBarrel Strapped – Expert Mens
1. Eric Silverman (USA)
2. Greg Lazarus (USA)
3. Matt Lammers (South Africa)

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