Singapore’s Road to the Final

Group Stage

beat Spain 3-0
Feng Tianwei beat Shen Yanfei 3-0
Wang Yuegu beat Zhu Fang 3-0
Li Jiawei beat Ramirez Sara 3-0

beat Czech Republic 3-1
Feng Tianwei beat Dana Hadacova 3-0
Wang Yuegu lost to Iveta Vacenovska 0-3
Li Jiawei beat Katerina Penkavova 3-1
Feng Tianwei beat Iveta Vacenovska 3-1

beat Netherlands 3-0
Feng Tianwei beat Li Jie 3-0
Wang Yuegu beat Li Jiao 3-0
Li Jiawei beat Elena Timina 3-0

beat Germany 3-0
Feng Tianwei beat Kristin Silbereisen 3-0
Wang Yuegu beat Wu Jiaduo 3-0
Sun Bei Bei beat Sabine Winter 3-0

beat USA 3-0
Yu Mengyu beat Ariel Hsing 3-0
Li Jiawei beat Natalie Sun 3-2
Sun Bei Bei beat Lily Zhang 3-0

Singapore finished as Group B winners. China, Hong Kong and Japan finished as winners of groups A, C and D respectively. Poland, Germany, Korea Republic and Chinese Taipei qualified for the round of 12 as group runners-up. Croatia, Netherlands, Hungary and Romania completed the line-up having placed third in their groups.

Knock-out Rounds

Round of 12 — Singapore received a bye into the quarter-finals as group winners

Quarter-finals — beat Hungary 3-0
Wang Yuegu beat Krisztina Toth 3-0
Feng Tianwei beat Petra Lovas 3-1
Sun Bei Bei beat Georgina Pota 3-1

Semi-finals — beat Germany 3-0
Feng Tianwei beat Wu Jiaduo 3-0
Wang Yuegu beat Kristin Silbereisen 3-2
Sun Bei Bei beat Sabine Winter 3-0