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National Wrestling Centre, Saturday, May 29, 2010 — Youth sports in Singapore received a huge boost today when the Singapore Youth Sports Development (SYSD) committee unveiled its plans to have up to 26 Satellite Centres for Sports Development set up for selected sports that will be featured at the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games over the next two years. The introduction of the satellite centres is part of Singapore’s legacy from hosting of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games to be held from August 14th to 26th 2010.

With S$2.5 million committed to the programme by the SYSD Committee, the satellite centres will be established in phases in existing sports facilities such as schools, sports and recreation centres as well as community centres that are located in the heartlands to allow for easy access. The first four centres for Sailing, Wrestling, Badminton and Basketball are set to be in operations by June 2010.

Chairmen of the SYSD committee, Mr Teo Ser Luck, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and Ministry of Transport and Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Home Affairs officiated the launch ceremony of the Satellite Centres for Sports Development held at the Singapore Wrestling Federation today.

Targeted specially for children and youths aged six to 16, the Satellite Centres for Sports Development will serve as the launching pad for them to learn new sports in a safe, fun and friendly community setting. These satellite centres aim to provide these youths with multiple opportunities for participation in a diverse range of sports and at the same time, allow them to play regularly with their peers in a structured sports programme.

Mr Teo Ser Luck said: “The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games has catalysed a boost in youth sports development. The satellite centres will provide our youth more opportunities to learn and play sports in a fun, safe environment and encourage them to embrace a sporting lifestyle early in life. The centres will build on the momentum that we have developed in youth sports over the past two years and ensure continued growth of youth sports in Singapore beyond 2010.”

Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Co-Chairman of the SYSD Committee, said: “While there are existing programmes that are in place to develop youth sports, the establishment of the Satellite Centres for Sports Development will make more sports accessible to our children and youths. The sports programme offered by the satellite centres will enable our youths to further advance their involvement in the sport, should they have the passion and flair for a certain sport. Their participation in the programme will also develop them holistically as it will not only equip them with sports skills, but also impart soft skills and values such as friendship, respect and sportsmanship.”

The Satellite Centres for Sports Development programmes will be coordinated and managed by the respective National Sports Associations (NSA) of the Olympic sports. With the exception of sailing, each satellite centre will put participants through a 10 to 12-week beginner level programme to get them acquainted with the sport and pick up the basic skills needed to participate in the sport. For the sailing programme, participants will be offered a half-day introduction course to the sport.

Interested individuals will have to register through the respective NSAs to participate in the programme. Participants will be required to pay a nominal fee for each sport programme. The programmes will be delivered by qualified coaches identified by the NSAs. After completing the entry level programme offered by the satellite centres, participants can continue on to the intermediate and advance level programmes offered by the respective NSAs.

Satellite Centre Programmes

Wrestling Satellite Centre

Overview: Participants will undergo a special training model devised by 2-time Olympic and 6-time World Champion Wrestler, Sergei Beloglazov, introducing the Olympic discipline of Freestyle Wrestling.

Over 10 weeks, participants will work their way towards attaining the yellow belt, and will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the course.

Wrestling will help enhance the participants’ overall development such as confidence, mental strength, self-discipline and respect.

Venue: National Wrestling Centre / Asian Wrestling School
102 Upper Aljunied Rd (2nd Floor) Singapore 367855

Dates: 10 weeks commencing Saturday 3rd July 2010
(4 x 10 week sessions will be run every year)

Times: Two sessions will be conducted every Saturday
1st session – 10.30am – 12noon
2nd session – 12noon – 1.30pm

Age Group: Participants will be divided into two age groups:
Group 1: 7-12 years old
Group 2: 13-16 years old

Instructors: 2 qualified wrestling instructors

Number of participants: 20 per session

Certification: After 10 weeks, participants will be at least half-way to achieving the yellow belt

Next Steps: The sessions will continue, allowing participants to work through the belt system

Cost: $85 per participant, 15 hours of instruction over 10 weeks

Registration Details: Registration may be completed online via the website (, by phone (6280 4748) or walk-in at the National Wrestling Centre at 102 Upper Aljunied Road.

Sailing Satellite Centre

Overview: An introductory programme on the sport of sailing combined with the development of knowledge, including understanding the environment, weather, tides, and decision-making.

Sailing as a sport strongly contributes to important life-skills such as leadership, teamwork, applying scientific principles to real life scenarios and water safety.

Venue: Marina Barrage

Dates: Commencing on Saturday 3 July 2010 / Sunday 4 July 2010 and
operating for 30 weeks of the year

Times: 4 half-day sessions will be conducted per weekend.
Every Saturday and Sunday
1st session – 9am to 12.30pm
2nd session – 2pm to 5.30pm

Age Group: 7-14 years old

Instructors: 4 qualified instructors

Number of participants: 16 participants per half-day session

Certification: Participants will receive certification on completion of the half-day session

Next Steps: Participants can follow the comprehensive Singapore Sailing Federation system. The next step would be to complete the 4-day SailSmart, based at the National Sailing Centre or basic sailing courses available at sailing clubs island-wide.

Cost: $50 per participant, 3.5 hours of instruction.
(1 coach to 4 participants)

Registration Details: Registration may be completed online via the website (, by phone (6444 4555), e-mail ([email protected]), or walk-in to the National Sailing Centre at 1500 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468963.

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