Dolphins defeat of Marlins means Stingrays lose out in Netball Super League


Update by Chan Hui Mui/Red Sports

Jurong East Sports Hall, Saturday, April 24, 2010 – Nike Marlins, playing without national player Jean Ng, lost 40-55 to the Magic Dolphins in the Netballl Super League. As a result, adidas Sneakers Stingrays, who were lying fourth on the table could only qualify for the 5th/6th placing match.

Dolphins dominated right from the start, taking a healthy 15-11 lead. Dolphins then further extended their lead to 33-21 before eventually wrapping up the game 55-40.

In other matches, Bedok King Vipers, out of the running for a playoff spot, triumphed over Mighty Mannas 47-44 to earn their first victory of the league. Malaysian Arowanas finished with a perfect record, beating Marlins, Stingrays and M1 Sunfish 68-42, 56-43 and 52-39 respectively.

Stingrays, who have won both games against Sunfish, will be looking to beat them again to finish a consolatory fifth, while Marlins will be hoping to have Jean Ng back in time to prevent a repeat of history.

Mannas will be looking forward for revenge when they take on the mighty Arowanas in the final.

Teams will be playing in the final playoffs this Saturday, May 1st.

Final Playoff Matches

11.30am: 5th vs 6th Placing (Stingrays vs Sunfish)

1.30pm: 3rd vs 4th Placing (Marlins vs Dolphins)

3.30pm: 1st vs 2nd Placing (Mannas vs Arowanas)

Location: Jurong East Sports Complex


25th April 2010

Round 2 Game 42: M1 Sunfish vs Bedok Kings Vipers
1st quarter: 12-7
2nd quarter: 23-16 (11-9)
3rd quarter: 32-26 (9-10)
4th quarter: 42-35 (10-9)
Winner: M1 Sunfish

Shooting Statistics
M1 Sunfish:
Cassrandra Soh: 76%
Amanda Lai: 62%
Aw Ci Hui: 53%

Bedok Kings Vipers:
Melissa Teo: 87%
Kobie Absalom: 69%

Round 2 Game 41: Mighty Mannas vs Magic Dolphins
1st quarter: 17-8
2nd quarter: 31-19 (14-11)
3rd quarter: 45-28 (14-9)
4th quarter: 57-36 (12-8)
Winner: Mighty Mannas

Shooting Statistics
Mighty Mannas:
Tan Hui Yan: 75%
Hong Wei Zhen: 64%
Yeo Pei Qin: 78%

Magic Dolphins:
Charmaine Soh: 50%
Li Ling: 67%
Yu Mei Ling: 78%
Jocelyn Ng:67%

Round 2 Game 40: Nike Marlins vs Malaysian Arowanas
1st quarter 11-20
2nd quarter 21-40 (10-20)
3rd quarter 34-52 (13-12)
4th quarter 42-68 (8-16)
Winner: Malaysian Arowanas

Shooting Statistics
Nike Marlins
Rachel Yim: 78%
Pamela Liew: 67%
Wendy Yan: 73%
Chua Shi Lin: 80%

Malaysian Arowanas:
Norashikin Kamalzaman: 85%
Izyan Syazana Mohd Wazir : 100%
Noor Atikah Mat Sallleh:75%
Yang Farha Farhani Fadzarahman:60%
Nurul Husna: 54%

24th April 2010

Round 2 Game 39 Magic Dolphins vs Nike Marlins

1st quarter: 15-11
2nd quarter: 33-21 (18-10)
3rd quarter: 43-33 (10-12)
4th quarter: 55-40 (12-7)
Winner: Magic Dolphins

Shooting Statistics
Magic Dolphins:
Charmaine Soh 68%
Li Ling 66%
Yu Meiling 67%
Jocelyn Ng 0%

Nike Marlins:
Rachel Yim 67%
Wendy Tan 80%
Pamela Liew 64%
Sonia D'Silva 63%

Round 2 Game 38: adidas Sneakers Stingrays vs Malaysian Arowanas

1st quarter: 15-15
2nd quarter: 27-30 (12-15)
3rd quarter: 33-44 (6-14)
4th quarter: 43-56 (10-12)
Winner: Malaysian Arowanas

Shooting Statistics
Adidas Sneakers Stingrays:
Diana Chew 76%
Rachel Leong 44%

Malaysian Arowanas:
Norashikin Kamalzaman 88%
Noor Atikah Mat Sallleh 63%
Izyan Syazana Mohd Wazir 69%

Round 2 Game 37: Mighty Mannas vs Bedok Kings Vipers
1st quarter 11-11
2nd quarter 22-25 (11-14)
3rd quarter 36-39(14-14)
4th quarter 44-47 (8-8)
Winner: Bedok Kings Vipers

Shooting Statistics
Mighty Mannas:
Tan Huiyan 76%
Hong Wei Zhen 71%
Yeo Pei Qin 63%

Bedok Kings Vipers:
Liz Anderson 64%
Kobie Absalom 79%

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