Unity win over Yishun overshadowed by violent act in B Division basketball


By Koh Yizhe/Red Sports

Unity Secondary vs Yishun Secondary National B Division boys' Basketball Championship first round

Peter Soo checks on Wong Keng Yang after he got whacked in the eye by Yishun’s Tan Yuan Bin. (Photo 1 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Clementi Sports Hall, Tuesday, April 6, 2010 - Unity Secondary claimed top spot with a comfortable 84-63 victory against Yishun Secondary in Group C of the B Division Basketball Championship but a violent incident marred the win.

Tan Yuan Bin (Yishun #9) looked to have swung his arm at Wong Keng Yang (Unity #8) on a Yishun fast break in the second quarter, catching him on his right eye. Keng Yang immediately went down holding his right eye and a foul was called on Yuan Bin. Keng Yang played no further part in the game and left the venue with an ice pack on his face.

“I left after I was punched. I went to clinic and after that to Alexandra hospital. I don’t know why he did that to me,” Keng Yang told Red Sports. “I didn’t provoke him or do anything to him before the incident.”

For those watching from the sidelines, it was a physical game.

“From what I saw before the foul, some Yishun players were being a little rough while Unity were being rather composed as usual,” said Hang Zi Kai, 17, of NUS High, who was watching the game. “In the second quarter, Unity started to pull away in points. Then I think the foul happened in the second quarter when the Yishun number 9 committed the foul. After that the Unity players got a bit fired up at the foul, as anyone would. After half-time, the Unity #14, Wei Xiang, committed a charging foul on the Yishun #9, when he was doing a fast break layup.”

Before that incident, it was a close game of basketball with Yishun keeping up with the favourites. With qualification in the bag for the two sides, it was a matter of who would top the group and be assured of a better draw in the next round and Yishun looked to be the better side in the opening exchanges.

Although they trailed by one point at the end of the first quarter at 14-15, Yishun were still very much pushing the West Zone champions to their limits. Zhou Zhen Qiang led the scoring for his side with a total of 22 points, including a three-pointer to start the match.

However, Unity took control of the game in the second quarter, taking it easily 21-14 for a 36-28 lead at the half.

It was a very different story in the second half as Unity turned up their game and began to extend their lead. Although they rested some of their starting five, they still managed to stretch their lead to easily take the match.

"This is our hardest game so far but we are quite happy with the results," said Unity captain Remus Low, who scored a game-high 30 points, after the game. "We are definitely aiming for the championship and I think North Vista will be our biggest threat. For Yishun, their offense was good, but we managed to pull off the win. It doesn't matter who we face in the next round and we'll take it as it comes."

Scoring by Quarters

Unity vs Yishun
1st Q: 15-14
2nd Q: 21-14
3rd Q: 26-13
4th Q: 22-23

Top Scorers
Remus Low (Unity #9) – 30 points
Zhou Zhen Qiang (Yishun #13) – 22 points
Delvin Goh (Unity #13) – 16 points

Yishun Lineup
Warren Tan (#4)
Tay Wen Cheng (#5)
Qamarul (#6)
Toh Hong Sheng (#7)
Tan Jun Ming (#8)
Tan Yuan Bin (#9)
Goh Wei Xuan (#10)
Oh Jun Hao (#11)
Jordan Wang (#12)
Zhou Zhen Qiang (#13)
Toh Qing Huang (#14)
Ong Xin Ren (#15)

Unity Lineup
Peter Soo (#4)
Fangcie (#5)
Desmond (#6)
David Soo (#7)
Wong Keng Yang (#8)
Remus Low (#9)
Gaddiel See (#10)
Fabian (#11)
Bingshu (#12)
Delvin Goh (#13)
Ng Weixiang (#14)
Ivan Chua (#15)

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  1. You guys should go to sembawang blk 588 and see the way he plays basketball. if you’re fierce enough he will be humble, but if not you will bully you and if they lose they will wack you. SERIOUSLY NO JOKE. I’m a old timer at that court that guy deserves to get ban from basketball for good.
    Losing isn’t bad as long as you have learn something from it.
    But winning because no one dares to challenge you, afraid of getting beaten up after the match. Shows Tan yuan bin is a loser

  2. don’t keep saying no point … just post the damn video let evryone see whose right whose wrong ? not dare huh ?
    trying to hide truth ?

    • Earlier already said,wanted to watch the video get it from the YSS school principal. Please don’t talk rock here.Who do you think you are,why must let you see?So many coaches from almost every school saw already,and they knew who is right and who is wrong.PLEASE DON”T TRY TO SIDE HIM LAH.

  3. no one would act on violent impulses without agitation. #9 may be at fault but still,he doesn’t deserve to be degraded like that on the internet. get a life and just leave the dude alone

    • @anonymous: I degraded no one, violence is never justified, and it’s not over until it’s over. I have a life, thank you very much.

  4. @Redsport, I’d like to know if Redsports intend to do a follow-up piece on the incident captured in the video on this page. Physicality is a part of the game of basketball. Violence is not. The act depicted in the video crosses the line into violence. I’d like to see a follow-up story detailing how the authorities (school, FIBA, CCAB, etc.) have chosen to deal with this incident and what they will be doing to ensure that similar such incidents don’t happen in the future.

  5. To p:
    everyone knew that this fellow YSS#9 always wanted to find fought after the end of the game in every MILO CUP

  6. YSS,its a shame on you!..got this type of player…so what if he has the skill, he has no sportsman and his attitude suckS!.he’s nt meant for sports!.if YSS principal do nt take action, it means they support this type of violent acts.which is a total disgrace!.
    to P: so does it mean you pull ur opponents shirt on the court u need to be beaten?..then i wonder how many times u would be beaten alr.i guess you’re just a retard? when u were younger, u pull ur parents shirt,means they should beat u in the eye?..u ought to be blind!

  7. Actually the refree is a internation refree, i don’t understand why he did not send Yss#9 out of clementi sports hall on the spot and the coach still let him play after the foul call.To whoever want the full video what the point Uss #8 only play at 2nd quarter for 5min after that already go to hospital.To P put your name and school here and let me know who you are, got chance i would like to play with you and beware of my hand.

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