Story by Colin Tung/Red Sports

Gombak Stadium, Sunday, October 18, 2009 – After placing third in the 100m and fifth in the 400m two Sundays ago, Muhammad Elfi Bin Mustapa of the National University of Singapore (NUS), who is looking to make the upcoming South East Asian (SEA) Games in the 100m, was looking for a performance in the 200m that would send a message of intent to the national selectors. And it came in the form of an impressive 21.90 seconds timing that got him gold by the slimmest of margins – 0.01 seconds.

Lee Cheng Wei of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was the unfortunate party pipped to the line in a scintillating race that also saw him beat Abdul Hakeem Abdul Halim of NUS – the national 110m hurdles record holder – to the silver medal by 0.01s. They clocked 21.91s and 21.92s respectively, as three of them went sub-22s in a quality 200m race.

Though Muhammad Elfi was pushed down the wire by Cheng Wei and Hakeem, he did not do enough to significantly threaten the 200m championship record of 21.40s set ironically in 2004 by the person whom he is challenging for a spot in the 100m at the SEA Games – Poh Seng Song.

Another highlight of the day was in the men’s 800m race where a fast opening lap of 56s was run. Subaish Rajamanickam of the Singapore Management University (SMU), a former Singapore representative in the 800m at the SEA Games, was the pace-setter. 1500m bronze medallist Raviin Muthu Kumar of Singapore Polytechnic tried to follow closely with new 1500m champion Madankumar Balakrishnan of NUS, 1500m runner-up Muhammad Shah Feroz of NTU and Singapore Polytechnic team-mate Leo Fang behind him.

The afternoon heat notwithstanding, Subaish made sure his competition got seriously burnt by the pace he set. As the bell rung, the gap grew between him and the chase pack led by Raviin. The bell also signalled the business end of things now. As the athletes pumped their arms and legs away in pistonic movement, so was the lactic acid pumping into their muscles.

Down the back-straight, Raviin seemed to find the lactic acid overpowering him as Madankumar, Feroz and Leo started moving past him. Leo, in particular, was making a tremendous effort in covering up ground as he looked to be on a mission to win the silver medal.

But Madankumar was not going to let him have things his way as long as he was in the race. Everyone knew that he was going to respond with his trademark kick round the last bend and the stadium looked on in anticipation as the battle for silver ensued.

Sure enough, he swung round the outside of Leo as they exited out of the curve and managed to edge in front of Leo. But going down the home-straight, Leo clung on and did not allow Madankumar to pull any further away from him.

With Subaish finishing in 1:56.52, Madankumar and Leo bore down on the finish with every chance of breaking the 2:00 barrier. This they both did in pushing each other all the way – Madankumar in a superb 1:57.99 and Leo getting the bronze in 1:58.16.

Aside from these exciting action on the track, the field also saw high quality performances. Three more championship records were added to the five broken on the previous Sunday. The three came from the men’s high jump, women’s long jump and women’s javelin events.

Ronnie Cai of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) broke his own high jump record of 2.02m set in 2002 when he was in Nanyang Polytechnic with an effort of 2.04m.

Wong Kit Fei of NUS, already with a championship record in the triple jump and also a bronze medal from the 100m, set another championship record in the women’s long jump. She blew the competition away with an effort of 5.71m; the next nearest mark was 5.05m by Xu Weixin of SIM. She broke a championship record that had stood for thirty-seven years – one of the longest-standing records! The previous record of 5.54m had been held by Low Siok Ching.

Teo Hui Juen of NUS also contributed to the overall tally of eight championship records broken at these championships with her 40.23m effort in the women’s javelin throw. She threw almost six metres further than her next closest competitor – Wan Lay Chi of Nanyang Polytechnic.

And so, with another three championship records, the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Track-and-Field Championships concluded with NUS clinching both the men’s and women’s team titles with 235 and 146 points respectively. NTU are runners-up in both categories with 106 and 113 points respectively.

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Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Track-and-Field Championships Final Standings


1. National University of Singapore – 235 points
2. Nanyang Technological University – 106
3. Nanyang Polytechnic – 86
4. Singapore Management University – 67
5. Singapore Polytechnic – 63
6. Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 58
7. Singapore Institute of Management – 47
8. Institute of Technical Education – 34
9. Republic Polytechnic – 27
10. Temasek Polytechnic – 17


1. National University of Singapore – 159
2. Nanyang Technological University – 121
3. Singapore Management University – 94
4. Nanyang Polytechnic – 84
5. Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 45
6. Temasek Polytechnic – 45
7. Singapore Institute of Management – 37
8. Republic Polytechnic – 26
9. Institute of Technical Education – 13
10. Singapore Polytechnic – 11

Note: Points tally calculated based on a first-placing being awarded 9 points with second through eighth placings awarded 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points respectively in the individual events. In the 4x100m and 4x400m relays, a first-placing is awarded 16 points with second through eighth placings awarded 12-10-8-6-4-2-1 points respectively.

Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Track-and-Field Championships Results – Day Two


Men’s 400m hurdles final
1. Sharman Bin Abdul Rahman, National University of Singapore – 58.22s
2. Lance Tan, National University of Singapore – 59.11s
3. Axel Maxiuins Tan, Temasek Polytechnic – 61.84s
4. Ashley Huang, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 62.31s
5. Lee Boon Kiat, Singapore Polytechnic – 62.43s
6. Fathullah Al Idrus, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 62.65s
7. Muammar Ashakirinn, Nanyang Polytechnic – 63.08s
8. Anthony Poh, Singapore Institute of Management – 66.22s

Women’s 400m hurdles final
1. Beatrice Tan, Ngee Ann Polytechnic 1 minute 11.19 seconds
2. Chong Yi Mei, Singapore Management University – 1:16.84
3. Evelina, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 1:18.58
4. Rita Loh, Temasek Polytechnic – 1:19.72
5. Gloria, National University of Singapore – 1:21.59
6. Ang Li Yun, Temasek Polytechnic – 1:22.90
7. Chin Sze Ying, Nanyang Polytechnic – 1:22.95
8. Cassondra Tioh, National University of Singapore – 1:25.10

Men’s 200m final
1. Muhammad Elfi Bin Mustapa, National University of Singapore – 21.90 seconds
2. Lee Cheng Wei, Nanyang Technological University – 21.91s
3. Abdul Hakeem Abdul Halim, National University of Singapore – 21.92s
4. Izwan Firdaus, Institute of Technical Education – 22.25s
5. Abdul Rahman Lim, Nanyang Polytechnic – 23.07s
6. Tan Si Hao, Nanyang Polytechnic – 23.88s
7. Kyser Tan, Republic Polytechnic – 23.90s
8. Thio Fu Cheng, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 24.08s

Women’s 200m final
1. Amanda Choo, Nanyang Technological University – 25.80s
2. Melanie Francisca Lansakara, National University of Singapore – 26.49s
3. Shalom Danielle See, Nanyang Technological University – 26.91s
4. Esther Tan, Nanyang Polytechnic – 28.30s
5. Diann Lee, Singapore Polytechnic – 28.87s
6. Neo Yi Wen, Singapore Management University – 29.31s
7. Chua Jia Rui, Nanyang Polytechnic – 29.60s
8. Ang Yu Jia, National University of Singapore – 30.41s

Men’s 800m final
1. Subaish Rajamanickam, Singapore Management University – 1:56.52
2. Madankumar Balakrishnan, National University of Singapore – 1:57.99
3. Leo Fang, Singapore Polytechnic – 1:58.16
4. Muhammad Shah Feroz, Nanyang Technological University – 2:00.08
5. Raviin Muthu Kumar, Singapore Polytechnic – 2:00.51
6. Oon Kuan Yong, Nanyang Technological University – 2:02.48
7. Marcus Ong, Nanyang Polytechnic – 2:05.08
8. Jerome Peh, Nanyang Polytechnic – 2:07.42

Women’s 800m final
1. Nikita Sharda, Republic Polytechnic – 2:34.61
2. Vanessa Anne Paranjothy, Singapore Management University – 2:35.74
3. Phua Huiqin, Nanyang Polytechnic – 2:38.65
4. Ng Yu Jun, Nanyang Technological University – 2:40.12
5. Ang Siew Min, National University of Singapore – 2:42.86
6. Lee Mei Yi, Singapore Institute of Management – 2:45.56
7. Zakiyah Binte Ibrahim, National University of Singapore – 2:46.72
8. Liesl See, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 2:47.16

Women’s 3000m final
1. Elaine Lim, Nanyang Technological University – 11:32.54
2. Melissa Tan, National University of Singapore – 12:06.92
3. Lin Zhi Yun, National University of Singapore – 12:11.03
4. Agnes Lim, Singapore Management University – 12:23.79
5. Radhiyah Moctar, Temasek Polytechnic – 12:38.66
6. Amanda Cheng, Singapore Polytechnic – 12:50.07
7. Yvonne Khoo, Institute of Technical Education – 13:12.31
8. Laine Fu, Singapore Institute of Management – 13:23.35

Men’s 5000m final
1. Mok Ying Ren, National University of Singapore – 15:44.58
2. Aaron Meng, National University of Singapore – 16:41.38
3. Chua Chin Yang, Republic Polytechnic – 17:11.04
4. Hazwari Bin Abdul Wahid, Singapore Polytechnic – 17:22.28
5. Muhd Ilyas Bin Hassan, Singapore Polytechnic – 17:25.52
6. Colin Tung, Nanyang Technological University – 17:26.56
7. Charlton Ng, Singapore Institute of Management – 17:33.01
8. Ashley Liew, Singapore Management University – 17:36.48

Men’s 4x100m relay final
1. National University of Singapore – 41.90s
2. Institute of Technical Education – 43.39s
3. Nanyang Technological University – 43.55s
4. Nanyang Polytechnic – 43.88s
5. Republic Polytechnic – 44.58s
6. Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 44.71s
7. Singapore Management University – 45.16s
8. Temasek Polytechnic – 45.37s

Women’s 4x100m relay final
1. Nanyang Technological University – 49.54s
2. National University of Singapore – 51.94s
3. Republic Polytechnic – 52.76s
4. Institute of Technical Education – 53.21s
5. Nanyang Polytechnic – 53.70s
6. Singapore Management University – 54.29s
7. Temasek Polytechnic – 54.40s
8. Singapore Institute of Management – 54.48s

Men’s 4x400m relay final
1. National University of Singapore – 3:26.62
2. Singapore Management University – 3:28.22
3. Singapore Polytechnic – 3:31.05
4. Nanyang Technological University – 3:34.65
5. Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 3:36.24
6. Republic Polytechnic – 3:36.43
7. Nanyang Polytechnic – 3:39.71
8. Institute of Technical Education – 3:43.62

Women’s 4x400m relay final
1. Nanyang Technological University – 4:17.12
2. Singapore Management University – 4:28.46
3. Temasek Polytechnic – 4:32.92
4. Nanyang Polytechnic – 4:35.63
5. Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 4:37.33
6. National University of Singapore – 4:38.61
7. Singapore Polytechnic – 4:53.39
8. Singapore Institute of Management – 5:00.58


Men’s Long Jump
1. Lai Yong Hui, National University of Singapore – 6.78m
2. Daryl Tan, National University of Singapore – 6.31m
3. Khan Meng Linn, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 6.21m
4. Prayaank Gupta, Singapore Management University – 6.10m
5. Zhang Ke Ran, Nanyang Technological University – 6.04m
6. Wyvyono Latiff, Temasek Polytechnic – 5.95m
7. Safwan Soon, Singapore Polytechnic – 5.90m
8. Kevin Koh, Singapore Polytechnic – 5.86m

Women’s Long Jump
1. Wong Kit Fei, National University of Singapore – 5.71m (Championship Record)
2. Xu Weixin, Singapore Institute of Management – 5.05m
3. Goh Ze Ling, Singapore Management University – 4.92m
4. Hsien Li Jie, National University of Singapore – 4.88m
5. Goh Zhixi, Temasek Polytechnic – 4.85m
6. Yap Su Xian, Singapore Institute of Management – 4.82m
7. Lee Yan Fen, Singapore Management University – 4.73m
8. Ann Siao Mei, Nanyang Technological University – 4.59m

Men’s High Jump
1. Cai Yaoqing, Singapore Institute of Management – 2.04m C
2. Khan Meng Linn, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 1.92m
3. Daryl Lee, Nanyang Polytechnic – 1.89m
4. Fabian Lim, Nanyang Technological University – 1.86m
5. Guo Wen Xu, Nanyang Technological University – 1.83m
6. Ramen Lu, National University of Singapore – 1.75m
7. Muhd Nasiru Bin Jumari, Singapore Polytechnic – 1.75m
8. Khan Meng Sunn, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 1.70m

Women’s Discus
1. Wan Lay Chi, Nanyang Polytechnic – 44.84m
2. Ng Yu Fang, National University of Singapore – 27.19m
3. Tracy Ng, National University of Singapore – 24.43m
4. He Shuwei, Nanyang Technological University – 23.54m
5. Melissa Kay Soh, Singapore Management University – 21.70m
6. Nur Iryani Binte Halip, Nanyang Technological University – 21.67m
7. Wong Liang Ming, Singapore Institute of Management – 20.60m
8. Joan Poh, Nanyang Polytechnic – 18.30m

Women’s Javelin
1. Teo Hui Juen, National University of Singapore – 40.23m C
2. Wan Lay Chi, Nanyang Polytechnic – 34.75m
3. Tracy, National University of Singapore – 32.70m
4. Tan Shi Ying, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 27.69m
5. He Shu Wei, Nanyang Technological University – 26.81m
6. Melissa Kay Soh, Singapore Management University – 17.65m
7. Joan Poh, Nanyang Polytechnic – 16.17m
8. Ng Kai Lin, Singapore Institute of Management – 12.07m

Men’s Shot Put
1. Toh Wei De, National University of Singapore – 12.78m
2. Huang Wei Jie, Nanyang Polytechnic – 12.42m
3. Tan Luo Hou, Nanyang Technological University – 11.06m
4. Sellat Vickneswaran, Singapore Management University – 10.87m
5. Oon Wei Jian, Nanyang Technological University – 10.40m
6. Gabriel Ting, National University of Singapore – 10.15m
7. Jia Zheng, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 9.70m
8. Lee De Hai, Singapore Institute of Management – 9.02m