Unity Secondary demolish Manjusri by 55 points in B Division basketball


By Koh Yizhe/Red Sports

Unity vs Manjusri Basketball

The Unity #13 outjumps the Manjusri defense for two. (Photo 1 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Jurong West Sports Hall, Friday, March 25, 2009 – Unity Secondary started their quest for the boys B Division Basketball Championship with a massive 55-point win over Manjusri Secondary in Group C. They lead from start to finish to beat Manjusri Secondary 78-23.

Exerting their dominance right from the start, Unity broke their opponents down with fast breaks and superior rebounding. They were immediately settled as #13 Peter Soo got the game going with a three pointer as Unity raced to an early lead. Great ball control was also critical as Manjusri struggled to hold the ball.

Unity ended the quarter with a comfortable 12-7 lead.

Unity continued their run in the second quarter when they exploded for 22 points while limiting their opponents to just two points within the first seven minutes and four points within the quarter. Frustration was evident on the faces of Manjusri as they tried in vain to stop the Unity onslaught.

Unity, in contrast, demonstrated great team work as each player from the team contributed to the lead, ending the half with an insurmountable 34-11 lead.

The second half followed the first as Unity continued to extend their lead as Manjusri found it near impossible to score. Kenneth (#4, Unity) was a bright spark from them with his drives to the basket, but even his efforts failed to leave a mark. The third quarter ended 52-20.

It was now a matter of how big Unity's margin of victory would be. Manjusri was helpless as Unity continued to run riot, scoring 26 points in the fourth quarter and conceding only three points.

Manjusri's players would have been relived for the final whistle as the match ended 78-23.

Unity will next play Maris Stella High while Manjusri will try to bounce back against defending champions Catholic High.

Unity vs Manjusri Basketball

Trying to prevent Unity #12 Remus from breaking. (Photo 2 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Unity vs Manjusri Basketball

Desmond of Unity gets a hand on the ball as #11 Nigel Koh drives to the basket. (Photo 3 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Unity vs Manjusri Basketball

Frustration clear on the face on the face of the Manjusri #4 as he looks for a way past the Unity defense. They scored only 23 points the whole game. (Photo 4 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Unity vs Manjusri Basketball

The Unity #13 Peter Soo breaking while two Manjusri players defend… (Photo 5 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Unity vs Manjusri Basketball

… but he dribbles past a challenge.. (Photo 6 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Unity vs Manjusri Basketball

… to leave his opponents watching as he makes a layup. (Photo 7 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

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  1. to mjr#2.

    thanks for you comments. Thats exactly what you guys should do. I am sure you will do well in your next match. And I will definitely be there to report it.

    to mjr.

    sorry if you are offended by anything i writen, but which part of the article do you not agree with? Everything? Even the score? How about the fact that I said that Kenneth was a bright spark for the team? Do you disagree with that?

    It’s 55 points. I dont mean to rub it in, but the score itself is overboard. I just report it (not comment). So PLEASE dont accuse me of being overboard.

  2. no matter how badly mjr did i don think any1 have the right to say or comment bad about it whats a basketball game win or lose? or sport man play or foul play? i think what matter most is to learn from the match lose and make a comeback instead of playing and wining all the time then u won be able to improve
    u can only improve urself by challenging the limit

  3. mjr dun blame others for writing it this way we onli have ourself to blame for playing so badly for ppl to write and if yew dun agree and not happi with the post they wrote next wed play better so they have something better to write about us.

    Yi Er San
    Wen Shu Jiayou!

  4. mr koh you are abit overboard , trying to make manjusri look ugly? cmon ! i dont agree with anything u wrote! bad bad comments!

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