Hwa Chong Institution sink Boon Lay in B Division basketball


Contributed by reader Jeremy

Clementi Sports Hall, Wednesday, January 14, 2009 – Hwa Chong Institution thrashed Boon Lay Secondary 73-45 in a B Division West Zone Basketball Championship Group C game this afternoon.

Hwa Chong led by 11 points after the first quarter with their #13 Rong Hao driving in constantly with his trademark baseline spin move.

Boon Lay were led by their #7 Jeremy with his drive ins and #10 Nicholas.

Despite a three-pointer by Jeremy just before the half-time buzzer, Hwa Chong still led by 12 points at the break.

The start of the third quarter saw Hwa Chong put on a suffocating man-to-man defence on Boon Lay’s pair of Jeremy and Nicholas to stifle any possibility of a Boon Lay comeback.

Hwa Chong won by 28 points, with Rong Hao (#13) scoring a team-high 16 points while Boon Lay’s #7 Jeremy had a game-high 21 points. Three players accounted for all the Boon Lay team scoring.

Top Scorer
Boon Lay Secondary
#7 Jeremy – 21 points (1 x 3-pointer)
#10 Nicholas – 16 points
#11 Nevin- 8 points

Hwa Chong Institution
Henry (#5) – 11 points (2 x 3-pointers)
Rong Hao (#13)- 16 points

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  1. err thanks jeremy. the hwa chong players names are henry #5 and ronghao #13. lol Jeremy you had a good game and a good report here =)

  2. Thanks , Because I Enjoy Reading Games That People Post , and I Also Understand Its All Volunteer Work . So I Will try To Post More If I Witness The Games 🙂

  3. I Will Not Only Write Story For My School , But Others If I Did Witness The Match , SO People Out There Hope You Won’t Get The Wrong Idea .

    • Any player is welcome to write about his game and I think Jeremy was brave enough to write about his game even though he lost. I think that takes courage. Good job, Jeremy.

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