Pictures and story by REDintern Maryam Nasihah

Ram Shanker of SIM (in red) scored the only goal of the night to win the game for SIM. (Photo 1 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

Republic Polytechnic, Friday, January 9, 2009 – The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) beat Republic Polytechnic (RP) 1-0 in an Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Football Championship last night.

RP put on a credible performance in the first half, confidently stroking the ball around and stretching the SIM defence. However, just like in their previous 0-0 game with the Singapore Management University (SMU), RP were not able to convert the chances they carved out and both teams went into the half-time break deadlocked at 0-0.

In the second half, RP continued their dominance, but SIM started to threaten the RP defence. Both side were now creating chances but were unable to convert.

With just 15 minutes to go, SIM finally made their a breakthrough with a goal by Ram Shanker.

RP, despite fielding Gabriel Quak of the Young Lions, tried to get back into the game but SIM were able to hold on to their lead to get all three points.

Danial Aizat of RP gets a foot in to strip Ram Shanker (in red) of the ball. (Photo 2 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

Muhd Zuladly of RP breaks down the flank while the SIM captain gives chase. (Photo 4 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

Muhd Zuladly of RP and his SIM opponent go tumbling after a tackle. (Photo 4 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

Gabriel Quak of RP prepares to take on his man. (Photo 5 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

Muhammad Faizal of RP player chases down a pass. (Photo 6 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

An RP player turns his marker. (Photo 7 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

Gabriel Quak of RP (in green) sees his shot blocked by defender Jiahan of SIM. (Photo 8 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

The SIM keeper stretches for a high ball. (Photo 9 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

The players get ready for an SIM free kick. (Photo 10 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

Mohamed Fahmi of SIM sportingly consoles an RP player. (Photo 11 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

The full-time score. (Photo 12 © Maryam Nasihah/Red Sports)

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