Story by REDintern Christy. Pictures by REDintern Teo Zhijia


. MJC celebrates after taking the lead. (Photo 1 © Teo Zhijia/Red Sports)

National Inter-School A Division Boys Floorball Championship: Tampines Sports Complex, Wednesday, July 16, 2008 – In a league where most of the other teams were new at the game, Meridian Junior College (MJC) and Yishun Junior College (YJC) had no problems triumphing over them. Hence, their biggest challenge in the league became each other. In the end, MJC showed why they were double defending champions with a comfortable 5-1 win over YJC.

Admittedly, MJC first goal was a fluke for them. In a goal melee in the 01:47 min, there were remarkable saves pulled off by the YJC goalkeeper. Unfortunately for YJC, in the midst of the confusion, an own goal was scored, allowing MJC to lead 1-0. Of course, such a goal was definitely not enough for MJC. MJC followed up with a beautiful goal in the 05:25 min where MJC Yeow Di Qiang (#7) launched a stunning goal from the mid-court, surprising the YJC goalkeeper. Credit should also be given to Lionel Boey (#30) for staying collected even when YJC was awarded a free-hit not near MJC’s goal.

It was really a day of luck for MJC. Ten minutes into the second period, due to parallax error, YJC players had thought that a goal was scored in their favor. In glee, they jumped into the court to celebrate the win. It was a fatal mistake for them as one player had to be penalized 2 minutes, allowing MJC a chance at power play. MJC captain Glendon Phua (#20) rose to the challenge and capitalized on the numerical advantage in the 12:48 min. Glendon Phua (#20) contributed to the score again thirty seconds later as a neat corner pass from him allowed his fellow teammate Calvin Chang (#17) stationed just infront of the goal to promptly slot the ball in.

Throughout the game, we could see loads of interaction between the captains as the YJC captain Lim Ding Jun (#8) defended MJC captain Glendon Phua (#20) attacks off. In an unfortunate scuffle again for the ball in the third period, YJC captain Lim Ding Jun (#8) fell down on the slippery floor and injured his leg and had to be carried out of the game by his teammates. Despite this accident, YJC fought even harder. YJC Marc Sng (#28) managed to whack in a hard and fast ball that eluded the usually alert MJC goalkeeper Lionel Boey (#30). Cheers erupted and there were euphoria abound for the YJC team for managing to penetrate through MJC tight defense that let in a mere 3 goals for this season. Their happiness was not to last as MJC Winston Cheong (#21) replied almost immediately with a brilliant goal just 20 seconds later, ending the game at 5-1.

Although I have to say that MJC had their fair bit of luck, luck was not the reason why they won the match. They wowed the audience with their sizzling chemistry and every player was good in their own right and the game showed that their tough training had paid off. It was also great to see YJC fighting hard and never backing down despite being faced with such a fierce challenge.

Semi-finals will be held next Monday, 21st July at Tampines Sports Hall:
Meridian Junior College will meet Victoria Junior College at 1400 and
Raffles Junior College will meet Yishun Junior College at 1500


Captains Glendon Phua (MJC, #20) and Lim Ding Jun (YJC, #8) in action . (Photo 2 © Teo Zhijia/Red Sports)

MJC goalkeeper Lionel Boey tries to get a glimpse of the ball. (Photo 3 © Teo Zhijia/Red Sports)

Screening. (Photo 4 © Teo Zhijia/Red Sports)

Yeow Di Qiang (MJC, #7) challenges a YJC player. (Photo 5 © Teo Zhijia/Red Sports)

MJC goalkeeper Lionel Boey was unable to prevent Marc Sng (YJC, #28) from scoring. (Photo 6 © Teo Zhijia/Red Sports)

YJC celebrates as Marc Sng (YJC, #28) scores. (Photo 7 © Teo Zhijia/Red Sports)

MJC and YJC players. (Photo 8 © Teo Zhijia/Red Sports)

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A Division Floorball Boys final league’s standings. (League Table © Christy/REDintern)