Story and pictures by Leslie Tan


Asian Idol winner Hady Mirza entertains the over 5,000 strong crowd at the Youth Olympic Games 2010 party at the Padang. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

The Padang, Thursday, February 21, 2008 – Our Singapore youth danced, played and cheered out loud at the Padang, and their efforts didn’t go to waste when Singapore won the bid to host the first-ever Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

“The win is quite overwhelming. To beat Moscow … I mean, Moscow is so big! I can’t wait for the Games to come,” said 22-year-old Gerald Wu of the Singapore Management University (SMU), who plays football and tennis.

Gerald was part of a band of SMU percussionists who performed right after the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, arrived for the party. The Jurong Junior College (JJC) cheerleading team were also out in force to show what full-on enthusiastic cheerleading was all about as they kept the crowd from the start of the party.

"We'll show the world what Singapore's got,” said Germaine Foo, 18, of JJC. "There's something for us to do in two years’ time. I've always wanted to watch a spectacular event,” chipped in schoolmate Ng Wei Ming, 18 years old.

Asian Idol winner Hady Mirza was a party highlight, and he was also joined on the night by Project Superstar II winner Daren Chen and runner-up Chen Di Ya.


Naval Base Secondary kicked the party off with a percussion performance using everyday household items like pails and pans. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

A section of the crowd who were on hand to witness the historic announcement. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

Chen Di Ya from Project Superstar II salutes the crowd. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

Temasek Secondary Freestylers put in a performance for the crowd. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

Students from the St Andrew’s Junior College Dance Society. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

SMU percussionists perform for the crowd before the winning bid is announced. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

Pearlyn Tan (left) and Apple Ng of JJC lead the crowd in the cheers. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

The cheerleaders from JJC do their number on stage. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

All the performers gather on stage for the final number. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

JJC cheerleaders enjoy the winning moment as the confetti came showering down on them. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

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