Hi athletes and sports fans,

A reader stumbled onto Red Sports and wrote this glowing comment which I had to share with everybody. I know, I know – it’s a bit self-serving but hey, I promise I won’t do this for another year (unless I get an even more glowing one).

This site works because you guys make it work. If you didn’t visit the site in the numbers that you do (30,000 readers a month!), I would have stopped a long time ago.

Beyond the readers, a team of volunteers also help to make the stories happen. They shoot the pictures and write the stories so that your story is told. So I’d like to thank them all for helping out in 2007. Here are pictures of some of them at work for Red Sports.




Red Sports intern Lai Jun Wei shooting away at Maria Sharapova after the exhibition match. Jun Wei just graduated from Innova Junior College and will do his patriotic duty by serving in the army for the next two years. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sport)


Dear Red Sports,

Hi, I’m Yunwen, a TKGS and VJC tennis alumni, currently teamNUS tennis and a first timer at RedSports.sg. 🙂 first up tho: a shoutout to Darren! my god the tennis world is teeny. haha you're a crazy passionate Raffles alumni! thanks for the article it was great read! (tho i wished the headlines read "Victoria edge out Raffles…" :P)

Chanced upon this site after almost a week of tedious googling for "National Schools Tournaments", "National Interschool Championships"….and various other permutations. Wanted/needed to get abreast with the current top schools for the various sports for research purposes for the internship company I'm currently working for.


Red Sports volunteers Ng Cheng Cong (left) and Shaun Chook at the 2007 Singapore Marathon. Cheng Cong is in Temasek Polytechnic while Shaun just finished his ‘A’ levels at Victoria Junior College. Shaun will lose all his hair on 6 January when he enlists but apparently the girls still think he’s cute. So hair or no hair, he’ll be alright. (Photo © Kennie Pan)

I'd have to say I was serrrrioussssssly overjoyed to find this site which finally gave me insight into the inter-school tournaments now coz until now i got ZILCH from the net. this site is fantastic not only to keep us updated on our alma maters' performances but also venue for nostalgia of our youth gone by…haha

this site finally lends some very long overdue credit to the importance of the national school tournaments! the hard work, excitement and hype behind these games are finally chronologized here, publicly, instead of being stowed away in our minds just like that (ya got medals la but its…… different!)


“So … er … when they run towards me what do I do?” Red Sports volunteer Kennie Pan at the 2007 Singapore Marathon. Kennie is from New Town Secondary and just finished his ‘N’ Levels which he passed without any problems. Congrats, Kennie. (Photo © Ng Cheng Cong)

i mean its like justice has been served! for all the crazy trainings, tears and adrenaline the whole team (and most of the time the entire school) goes through, it wasn’t fair just to award a medal with nothing concrete (no photos, no articles) to show for it but our recounts and tales of 2hr, 45min long matches (yes, 2002 B div, 2nd doubles semifinals MGS vs TKGS, partner and i started at 2pm with everybody else and only ended near 6 after everybody else. score was 5:7, 6:4, 7:6 (13:11!!) to MGS. TKGS was 3rd, AGAIN!)

i regret that Red Sports was not around at our time (maybe internet not so proliferated at tt time la hor), and think the current players VERY lucky to have a channel for discussion, remembrance and honour here on RedSports.sg.


Ng Cheng Cong (in red) clicking away with the professional photographers at the Maria Sharapova game. He had to be reminded that there was another player there called Anna Chakvetadze. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

I've already spread the word to my ex-teammates 10minutes into this site and i believe more will swarm here in no time (somehow everybody knows everybody; all our friends used to play in the games) I'd love to link this site up on my personal blog with your permission, Uncle Les, so i can spread the love 🙂

Thanks again for creating this site i think its the best thing that has ever happened to the inter-school sports scene and i cannot stress enuff how much it justifies the crazy things we have to go through every tournament. Your extensive coverage for every sport is fantastic and really useful (i now know what my boyfriend [ex hwachong canoeist] is talking about whenever he rambles on and on about his glorious hwa chong canoe days!)

i sincerely apologize for tiring you guys out on this super long comment but i can't help it I’m just so too impressed and nostalgic right now 🙂