We may be small in size and we may not win many medals on the world stage. We sometimes get asked “Where’s Singapore?” or more annoyingly, “Singaporeans speak English?” But we make up for it in other ways and have done so for 42 years. Our founding fathers have built the airport, the port, the buildings and the roads. Now it’s time for us, the next generation, to build the spirit and soul.

So let’s show those people in the Olympic committee that we are a people who not only can build an awesome Singapore Sports Hub, but can compete in them too. That we are not just great hosts, but great competitors as well. That we are not a nation that sits on our backsides but runs with the wind and swims in the seas. That if the Youth Olympic Games comes to Singapore, the athletes of the world will find a nation of kindred sporting spirits.

Let’s show them Singapore.


If the Youth Olympic Games come to Singapore, mothers across the island will be wondering where their pails went. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

Let us with many voices show them that we want the Youth Olympic Games to come to Singapore. If we can get 2010 signatures, who knows what part this may play in the end.

Why put your name down? Because your name is your identity, given to you from birth. It is precious, it is special. So is the name of our country – Singapore. Let’s say it loud and proud so that they can hear us all the way from Switzerland. Let us put our real names down to show we are proud of where we come from.

Let us put our names down and be counted.

Let’s show them, Singapore.

Red Sports. Always Game.

N.B. Just put your name down in the comments section together with the school or club you represent and what sport you play, like this:

“Hi, my name is (your name) and I am from (your school, club or organisation). I play (your favourite sport). I support the bid for the Youth Olympic Games. (add another sentence here if you like).”

I’ll send this post to our bid committee so that they know we are doing our part here on Red Sports. A Red Sports reader, Tan Bao Ren of Innova Junior College, helpfully suggested that you can put the url for this post in your email signatures – a simple yet brilliant idea. If you could do that, it will spread the word faster. So let’s see how quickly we can get the 2010 signatures together.