National ‘C’ Division Championship 2007

Interview and pictures by Leslie Tan. © Red Sports/soulbreath pictures

Red Sports caught up with Russel Low of Presbyterian High who was recently voted the Most Valuable Player (MVP) during the final of the National ‘C’ Division Championship between Catholic High and Presbyterian High. Presbyterian High played a good game but lost the final 55-59 to the defending champions.

Difficult to defend against at 192cm, Russel Low (#5) of Presbyterian High out jumps Clement Neo (left) and Paolo of Jurong to shoot a basket during the 2007 ‘C’ Division National Championship. © Leslie Tan/Red Sports

Red Sports (RS): How long have you been playing basketball?
Russel Low (RL): I have been playing since 2003 when I was in Primary 5. I was in Canberra Primary School and we came in 4th in the North Zone competition in 2004.

RS: How did you pick up the game?
RL: I was spotted by the teacher-in-charge because of my height. He asked me to join and I took his advice.

Russel Low of Presbyterian High (in white) in action against Tan Jun Wei of Anglican High during the semifinal of the 2007 National ‘C’ Division Championship. Russel scored a game-high 27 points. © Leslie Tan/Red Sports

RS: What has been the greatest influence on your game?
RL: Two persons in particular, Uncle Kit (Mr. Kit Hang, a parent volunteer) and Kok Wai (Raymond Chong Kok Wai, a senior player from the ‘B’ Div team). Both of them gave me a lot of guidance, especially on the basic movements of being a Centre.

With feel still on the ground, Russel (middle player) becomes a formidable defensive wall just by putting his hands up, forcing opponents to change the angle of their shots. © Leslie Tan/Red Sports

RS: What do you like about basketball?
RL: I guess everything. It’s just fun.

RS: What’s your height and weight? What’s the best thing about being so tall? The worst?
RL:My height is 192 cm and I weigh 78 kg. Being tall helps me with getting rebounds. It also means that it is easier to score when I’m near the basket. The down side of being tall is when I dribble, opponents can sweep my ball away easily.

On the offense, a strong jump takes Russel clear of any defensive player, providing him a clear view of the basket. © Leslie Tan/Red Sports