Saints beats RI 2-0 to grab 3rd place


Nationals ‘B’ Division
St Andrew’s Secondary vs Raffles Institution
Wednesday, 21 March 2007, at Delta Sports Complex

Score update and picture by Jerome Teo, a student photographer from St Andrew’s Secondary School.

After the heartache of losing 2-1 in their semi-final against Yuhua Secondary  on Monday, Saints bounced back to beat RI 2-0 with a goal in each half. Well done, Saints!

Saints’ no.10 Prashan about to score the first goal for his school against RI in their 3rd and 4th placing game yesterday. © Jerome Teo

Editor’s note: Hey Nitesh – thanks for letting us know your name. Do you have a picture of yourself? Right now can only see your back! If you give us your picture, we’ll post it here, ok?

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  1. coach

    Hey Jerome, you did great! Clear, sharp pictures…and action shots even.
    Well done and keep it up.
    See you soon.

    Coach DYip

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